Jschlatt Discord Servers [Active 2024]

jschlatt discord

Jschlatt is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer that makes entertainment content for viewers of all ages. Born on September 10, 1999, the 22-year-old creator has a talent for making people laugh. He uses this talent to make YouTube videos about an array of games such as Minecraft, Skylines, and multiple Nintendo Wii games.

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Below are some fan-favorite Discord servers that have been created by enthusiasts in order to celebrate the Jschlatt Fandom.

It is worth mentioning that Jschlatt has an official Discord server with his Twitch Subscribers within it. If you want to know how to join that exclusive Discord server, you can learn more about it below.

Jschlatt Discord Servers 2024

Members: 387
Name: Chuckle Sandwich Un-official Server

Like Chuckle Sandwich? – WELL WELL WELL

Members: 256
Name: 🌻 Jshits Flower Field 🍀

system/psychotic friendly!! a lot of the staff team is made up of systems, so go wild.
Antis are NOT welcome. if you dislike jschlatt then screw off, man.

Members: 225
Name: The Schlattshed | Jschlatt/Minecraft

The new Cuckshed, since the original got sold.

Members: 213
Name: The Cuckshed

Unofficial jschlatt server

Members: 73
Name: Schlattcord

Just a couple of schlatt-loving dudes vibin in a discord together!

More About the Jschlatt Discord server:

After joining YouTube in April of 2019, Jschlatt has garnered a following of millions on all platforms combined. These loyal fanbases needed a place to come together to connect with each other since they follow and love the same creator and wanted to meet like-minded people.

Hence came the official and unofficial Jschlatt Discord servers. People from around the world created Discord servers like the ones mentioned above to have a chat with people who were as involved in Jschlatt’s content as they were.

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The Official Jschlatt Discord Server:

Jschlatt took notice of the number of people wanting to meet others who watched and enjoyed his content and created a safe space for them in the form of an official Discord server run by Jschlatt and his Discord moderators.

This Discord server, however, is only available to his Twitch Prime subscribers who have subscribed to him in the past or are still active subscribers. Subscribing with Twitch prime costs about $4.99 and provides the Twitch streamer funds in order to better their content.

How to Join The Official Jschlatt Discord Server?

After you have subscribed to Jschlatt’s Twitch using your Prime sub, you can go ahead and link your Discord account to your twitch account using the settings within your Discord application

After doing so, you will be presented with an option to join the official Jschlatt Discord server within your Discord account settings under the connections tab. Simply click join on that Discord server and you should be able to join!

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Rules and Regulations:

Whether you are looking to join the official or the unofficial Discord server associated with Jschlatt, there are certain rules that you will have to follow. All of the Discord servers mentioned above have their own set of rules that they follow. If you are in violation of any of them, you are at the risk of getting kicked or potentially completely banned off of the Discord server.

To avoid this problem, you can go over the rules in the text channel within each Discord server you join. This will completely get you off the hook and ready to be a great part of the community!