Rocket League Discord Servers 【Public Communities】

Rocket League has been around for almost 6 years. In these amazing 6 years, it has become a hit in the gaming community. The game is the biggest success by Psyonix. Rocket League is a soccer video game that combines the usual soccer rules with vehicles. This article contains the Rocket League Discord servers associated with this game. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 but later added to the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch libraries. It was an instant hit by the end of 2017 but became extremely popular and skyrocketed by 2020 when it was made free-to-play. Because of all the traction the game got, more and more people wanted to try it out. So people began looking for Rocket League Discord LFG servers to play with each other. That is why so many people created their own Discord servers to play with their friends. But the problem is, all of those Discord servers are either Rocket League private servers or extremely exclusive. 

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To solve this issue, some people in the Rocket League community have come together and made Rocket League community Discord servers for players from around the world to come together and enjoy the game together. To provide you with the most active and the best of these Discord servers, we have compiled this list of discord servers that everyone will enjoy being a part of.

Rocket League Discord Servers:

English (USA + UK)

The United States has the most Rocket League players than any other country. This why the English-speaking community is huge within the scene. All the professional Rocket League players chill within some of these Discord Servers and can be found within them.

Members: 127,576
Name: Rocket Planet · Rocket League Giveaways · Trading · Tourneys

Members: 49,467
Name: Rocket League Hub

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Members: 205,474
Name: Rocket League Garage

Members: 15,546
Name: Board of Shadowy Figures

French (France):

French Rocket League servers are some of the most friendly players that host giveaways every day. There are frequent trades going on even at inactive times of the day.

Members: 5,476
Name: Rocket League FRANCE

Members: 8,246
Name: Save Trade | RL France

Spanish (Spain):

Spanish Rocket League players are extremely welcoming to the players from all around the world. Because the community is small, people are well acquainted with one another already.

Members: 8,737
Name: Trades Rocket League Español

Germen (Germany):

There are tons of players looking to play with their german buddies every day. These communities are quite large and host Rocket League Tournaments every week with frequent giveaways to give back to the community.

Members: 21,645
Name: Rocketment

Members: 25,457
Name: Rocket League Germany


More Info on Rocket League Discord Servers:

In the list of Rocket League Discords, the most friendly and welcoming communities within the game. These communities are non-toxic and have a great environment for newbies and pros alike. All of the servers have a description of what they offer within them in the list of Rocket League public servers. Some of them are Rocket League trading Discord servers while some are just Rocket League team finder Discord servers. So it does not matter whether you just want to make friends or sell/trade your account, this list has got you covered. 

Rocket League Trading Discord Servers:

As the number of players increases within Rocket League, so does the number of users looking to trade their accounts. That is why Rocket League trading Discord Servers are also on the rise. These are mostly public servers that offer great deals every day for players looking to trade/sell their accounts.

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Although this type of trading/selling of accounts is against the TOS of Rocket League, this still does not stop the enthusiasts from trying to get their hands on exclusive skin/ some extra cash. So if you also want to have some fun with trading your account, go ahead and join one of the Rocket League trading discord servers from above.

Rocket League Team Finder Discord Servers:

On the other hand, if you were just looking to make some friends within the community and want to meet new strangers to fulfill your Rocket League dreams, then go ahead and team up with them and have a blast together. You can 1vs1 them or even load up a full squad to play. There are no better Discord servers for Rocket League as large and active as the ones above. They have great moderators, friendly people, and a safe place for all players no matter what level. You can find teams and groups to play within these servers without any disturbances or annoyance.

Rocket League Discord Bots: 

Most of these Discord servers have Rocket League bots added within them. They can help you find players to play with, match you up against them and even moderate your games for any kind of cheating or hacks. This is done to keep every player in good spirits and to avoid any foul plays. Cheating within Rocket League is becoming more and more normal every day. This is why the Rocket League Discord bots are used to avoid any such acts within the servers.

Rules and Policy:

All of these servers have their respected rules and policies put into place to avoid any kind of conflict or foul language between the player. This is done to make the server a more friendly and safe place for all players. So make sure to read these rules and regulations before going into these Rocket League garage Discord servers to avoid getting any kind of penalty from the moderators.

Make sure to not use any foul words or target any players as all of them are trying to have fun. You will be at risk of getting kicked or potentially banned from the server if any such behavior is recorded.