Terraria Discord Servers 【Most Active】

Terraria has been around for more than a decade now. The hype around the game is still the same. The searches for the game boomed in 2020 as everyone seemed to have once again caught the Terraria fever. That is why it was virtually inevitable that people would want to connect with others who have the same interests as them.

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Terraria has thousands of users including Terraria Discord bots that play the game on a daily basis.  In this list, you will learn of the most active and well-known public Terraria Discord servers for you to join and have fun in. So you can jump right into one of the servers by simply clicking on the “Join The Server” button below.

Terraria Discord Servers List:

English (USA + UK):

The largest community within Terraria Discord servers is that of the USA and the UK. There is quite a bit of trolling within some of these Discord servers. Although the moderation is a little loose, they do host giveaways and frequent community events to make up for it.

The people are extremely friendly and welcoming to others all around the world and everyone seems to be having a great time within these Discord servers playing Terraria together.

Members: 3,463
Name: Teeria Legends

Members: 3,773
Name: Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG)

Members: 3,151
Name: Universal Gaming Alliance

Members: 2,046
Name: Terraria One

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Members: 1,645
Name: Lunaria

Members: 1,447
Name: Valve Zone

Spanish (Spain):

The Spanish Terraria community is quite small when you compare it with others. Everyone seems to be well acquainted with each other and all of them are friends. There is no toxicity or trolls within the servers with top-notch moderation.

Members: 2,467
Name: Wiki Terraria

Members: 2,035
Name: Familia Terrarian’s

Russian (Russia):

The Russian Terraria community is the 2nd largest right after the English. They have lots of people in voice chats of all ages and races playing all day without pause. The Terraria community in Russia is a very sophisticated yet friendly community.

Members: 2,967
Name: Terraria[RUS]

More Info on Terraria Multiplayer Discord Servers:

Terraria has had a sudden boom in popularity recently and this newfound fame has brought in new people. People are looking to team up with other strangers and enjoy the 2D game together. Terraria players are extremely committed to the game and it is a pretty up-tight community. However, there are some public servers that welcome people of all kinds to their servers to play and enjoy the game together. These servers are extremely friendly and have people of all ages.

Do These Terraria Discord Servers Only Accept People From PC?

No, the Terraria multiplayer Discord servers welcome every kind of person from all platforms. Whether it be Terraria Xbox Discord servers or Terraria Mobile Discord servers, the people are all friendly and welcoming to all kinds of platforms.

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This multiplatform game can be played by everyone and the community welcomes it. There are also specifically designated servers to platforms such as Terraria Mobile Discord servers and Terraria PS4 Discord servers within the list above which you can also join but they are platform-oriented. So make sure you are from the right platform before joining them.

Rules and Regulations:

All of the Terraria Discord servers mentioned above have a different set of rules that the members need to abide by. Give them a good read before going and joining the servers to avoid any kind of penalties for breaking the rules.  One rule all of these servers share is non-toxic behavior. Terraria Discord chats are moderated by multiple bots and if you are caught being toxic to anyone, you will be penalized for it. So make sure to observe good behavior in order to enjoy the servers to the fullest!