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It is no secret that playing game within squads is much more enjoyable than playing games alone. There are hundreds of Squad Discord servers out there for people who are looking to play in servers that are extremely active and welcoming to newbies of any game and experts alike.

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These Discord servers have been mentioned below for you to enjoy and make memories within. More importantly, these Squad Discord servers are for people who do not particularly enjoy playing games alone and are willing to reach out and make new friends so they can be a part of a squad. Whether that be a Valorant 5 stack lobby or a Fortnite squad.

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Squad Discord Servers 2024:

Here is a list of all the most active squad Discord servers.

English (USA + UK)

The English-speaking community within the squad Discord servers is the largest. They are friendly people with a good sense of hospitality meaning they will welcome you with open arms.

Members: 71,561
Name: Squad Community

The authority local area server for Squad. Impart. Coordinate. Prevail.

Members: 7,379
Name: Tactical Gaming Network

Strategic Gaming Network Discord. For old school and new gamers the same who value strategic cooperation and methodology.

Members: 4,157
Name: Corrupted Infantry

We began collectively of companions who needed to bring a superior crew insight through correspondence and cooperation.

Members: 1,672
Name: 7th Ranger Regiment

The seventh Rangers Regiment is a US-based relaxed mil-sim local area that intends to unite players

Members: 2,600
Name: 𝐑𝐢𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐜𝐲™

Riplomacy is a Multi-Gaming Community with branches in numerous games.
Tear and Tear until it is finished.

Members: 1,449
Name: Peoples Republic of Tarkov

Hoping to get dynamic Tarkov players into one spot to interface, play, and become together! 1. We offer educators to tutor new players. 2. We have all day, every day movement. 3. We have reliable and supportive staff.

Russian (Russia):

The Russian-speaking community might be small, but they appreciate the teamwork and cooperation of people who are within the Discord server and are very welcoming to new blood.

Members: 1,517
Name: 5th Infantry Corps

Приветствую тебя солдат! Добро пожаловать в описание самого большого русскоязычного сообщества в игре HOLDFAST!

Members: 1,294

MSF-C is Russian-talking local area that joins occupants of the CIS, however we’re delighted to see everyone no matter what your country!

German (Germany):

There are folks active 24/7 looking to play a variety of games within this particular Discord server. If you are fluent and willing to make friends, this is the place for you to be.

Members: 1,048
Name: [SOE] – Special Operations Europe

[SOE] Special Operations Europe ist ein Squad Clan, aktiv in Tournaments, Events, Trainings und natürlich auch im Public-Bereich.

How to Join The Squad Discord Servers:

Joining a squad discord server is easy. Simply choose a server from the above-mentioned list and go ahead and click the “Join this server” button which will redirect you to the invite link where you can go ahead and click the join button to continue and enter the specific discord server.

Note that all of these links do not expire as we have gone ahead and updated them for your convenience. Now go have fun and make new friends in this squad Discord server you have ended up joining.