Valkyrae Discord Server [Fan Made Server]

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Valkyrae is a popular YouTube streamer and content creator for the organization “100 Thieves”. Valkyrae is a variety streamer and has a Member-only Discord server for all of the fans that want to hang out with her and other people who like her content.

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If you want to join the Member-only Discord server, you have to become a member on her YouTube channel for extremely cheap. You can learn more about it in the more information tab below. However, if you want to meet her fans without having to join the Discord server, you can go ahead and join fan-made server for Valkyrae content enthusiasts.

Below are some of these fan-made servers.

Valkyrae Discord Servers 2023

Members: 1,379
Name: Valkyrae

Valkyrae server. We are fan-made.

Members: 880
Name: Valkyrae

  • A new valkyrae server!! this will be active and very moderated, we just want to have fun here and enjoy valkyrae!!

Members: 767
Name: ~ OTV & Friends ~

OTV + Friends / Twitch server featuring Pokimane, LilyPichu, Yvonnie, QuarterJade and more!

Members: 343
Name: Valkyrae

Valkyrae Discord Server Pictures Chat Room and More

More About The Valkyrae Discord server:

You can join her Member-only Discord server now if you are a member. They have movie nights where they watch howl’s moving castle together and other movies like it.

They are surely going to have more movie nights there. Valkyrae herself has been making an effort to be in Discord more often and you can find her chatting and having a good time with her fans on the Discord server.

There are a lot of really kind people in there who will help you navigate around. They have mods like Hazel who are loyal supporters of the Valkyrae brand.

This Discord server is member-only so if you are a YouTube member on her YouTube channel, only then you can join.

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How To Join The Valkyrae Member-only Discord Server?

Joining the Discord server once you are a member is easy. All you need to do is log in to your Discord on your laptop or desktop. Now click the gear button on the bottom left to get to settings.

Go to the Connections tab under the user settings menu and connect your membered YouTube account to Discord. Now find the YouTube banner under the connections tab and find Valkyrae’s Discord server name under sub-enabled servers.

If you have any questions, you can ask away on Valkyrae’s subreddit. Now you should be on the Discord server and ready to go!