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VRchat discord servers

VR chat is not like a simple VR game, it’s more like an experience. it’s a virtual reality social game that’s how it’s intended to be played is with a virtual reality headset. the actual basics of the game VR chat is essentially a collective group of worlds that you can travel to as your avatar. so as my avatar can I can go to this world, I can go to many other worlds such as the black cat and the great pug. I can go visit the Eiffel tower if I want. there is a cornucopia of different types of worlds all with different purposes that I can travel to so in a sense VR chat is like a collective group of all these different worlds that you can travel to.

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in the very beginning of VR chat, you’ll start off in a place that’s called your homeworld. so this is a place you’ll always kind of spawn into so when you load up VR chat you are loaded up into this world here. this is like your HQ this is your home. every time you load up VR chat you go to this world this is where you start now from that world you can choose and decide which other world you want to go to. There are Discord servers you can join to play this game with other people. You can find them linked below if you are looking to play the game. You can make friends and find new strangers to play the game with who find the game as fun as you do.

Go ahead and get started from the links below. VR chat is extremely popular so these servers have thousands of active members within them at all times looking to play.

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VRchat Discord Servers 2024:

Join the VRChat Discord servers to make new friends you can play the game with!

English (USA + UK):

Chill community with loose moderation. Although these servers have some trolls within them, the majority of them are nice and welcoming to new people. If you are looking to join the English-speaking community, make sure to be respectful to everyone to get the same treatment back.

Members: 36,547
Name: bin’s vr world

Welcome to Bin’s VR World! Join our amazing growing community and come hangout play game and watch movies with us.

Members: 14,577
Name: 🌈ClubMika🌈

Members: 8,058
Name: VRChat Community

Members: 7,589
Name: Comfy Creator Cove

Members: 4,367
Name: r/VRChatERP

Members: 2,563
Name: VRChat Lounge

Spanish (Spain):

An extremely well-moderated community with little to no trolls and everyone enjoying the games they are playing. Although these servers are not totally dedicated to VRchat, a lot of their community is dedicated to the game. They are playing VRchat all the time with each other.

Members: 1,434
Name: El Cartel Community

Members: 1,356
Name: Lawrof Universe

Lawrof Universe

Una comunidad dedicada a juegos, anime, sorteos, y demás! Puedes encontrar nuevos amigos con quién jugar y con quién divertirte

French (France):

The french community is quite large but everyone seems to be well acquainted with each other. They have friendly and welcoming people looking to play with other native french speakers. If you know the language, go ahead and join this server to meet people just like yourself.

Members: 3,264
Name: Horizon VR France