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I am gonna go out and show you how you can get in stacked zone wars lobbies in different Discord servers. You can use this article to get in them. Now as far as I know there’s no Discord server that is dedicated to zone wars that you know of. But here are some that found. if so I’ve like the best way to do it is to go to these Discord servers I’m gonna link and go to the looking for players chat in any of them and I’m almost positive it’s gonna be people asking for zone wars lobbies or people that are hosting them.

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You can always go into creative fill and run zone wars lobbies in there but they’re not always full and they’re usually not stacked or not always good players in there. These servers are hosting zone Wars EU, NA and ME hosting solos in zone wars and you can go ahead and you can pick which server you want to join and then click the join button. Join these servers to play zone wars with people who also enjoy playing it. They almost host zone wars every day.

Some of these servers also have the official zone wars map owner within them and they sometimes play their own map with the community. If you want to contact them, Discord is your best chance. Other than that, there are some rules within the servers that you will need to follow to stay in them. These rules are fairly simple and there is a channel in alsmot all the Discords that will tell you all about the rules. Give that a quick read to not accidently kicked. You can now go ahead and join the servers to enjoy zonewars!

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Zone Wars Discord Servers:

Here is a list of the most popular Zone wars Discord servers as of right now:

Members: 116,595
Name: The Enigma Zone

Creator of many maps including Enigma zone wars. We play zone wars almost everyday and host games. Join us now for a blast!

Members: 12,694
Name: FNC Scrims

Members: 4,910
Name: Zone Wars – Fortnite

Members: 2,150
Name: Eternal FN – Boxfight | Zonewars | Wagers

Members: 1,800
Name: Creative Games

Members: 1,058
Name: The Fortnite Network

Members: 913
Name: Dunngy’s Zone Wars

Members: 424
Name: Goist – Zone Wars West

Goist Hub – Zone Wars is your home to West Coast Fortnite PvP. We host daily Zone Wars, and allow a place for matchmaking and game hosting.

Members: 630
Name: Scrims / Zone Wars

Fortnite Scrims and Zonewars 🙂