DanTDM Discord Servers [Fan-Made & Active]

DANTDM discord

Daniel Robert Middleton or simply DanTDM is an English YouTuber popular for his Minecraft videos. His Youtube channel covers him playing several games such as Roblox, Pokemon, and Sonic the Hedgehog. What differentiates DanTDM however, is his extremely charming personality.

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Because of this charming personality, Dan has gained a following of over 26 million subscribers on his main channel. This huge amount of followers comes with a loyal fanbase and die-hard fans who want to talk about your content and meet more people who enjoy your content just as much.

For this purpose, fans from around the world have come together and created multiple DanTDM Discord servers for you to join! You can scroll below and find the most popular and active DanTDM Discord servers.

DanTDM Discord Servers 2024:

Members: 17,147
Name:  DanTDM Fan Server

This is the Largest Fan Discord server based off on the Youtuber/Twitch Streamer DanTDM!

Members: 159
Name: TDMPire

This server is probably the most perfect tdm fan server out there. we have an active chat, professional moderation, and its SEMI-OFFICIAL, we have most of the mods on dan’s twitch channel in here, so HOP ON.

Name: Secret Society.

hello! Im slayer. I would like you guys to join my server! We have a media channel and more! You are welcome to join!

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Members: 31
Name: Vanya’s mousehole

Hey 😀 welcome to Vanya’s Mousehole.
15+ server, though anyone over 20 on the internet kind of freaks me out💀

Members: 50
Name: [unofficial] TeamTDM Community

This is a fan community server for the legendary Dantdm. Please note this is only a fan made server and Dantdm isn’t here or owns this

More About The DanTDM Discord Servers:

These DanTDM Discord servers listed above are the most active and famous fanmade servers where thousands of fans of Dan’s content hang out, play games, and talk.

Whether you are new to the DanTDM community or have been watching him for years, you will have no problem fitting right in with these people. Just make sure to be respectful of the rules that have been listed by the server moderators.

Rules of the DanTDM Discord:

If you are going to become a part of the DanTDM Discord server, there is a set of rules that you will have to abide by. These rules are straightforward and extremely easy to follow.

When first joining the Discord servers for DanTDM from the list above, make sure to go through the rules for the server you end up joining. As these Discord servers are made by the fans for the fans, all of them follow different rules that you will need to follow.

To read the rules of the server, locate the rules text channel in Discord and go through them thoroughly to eliminate any chances of you being in violation of any of them which can result in you being blacklisted from the server completely.

Is There an official DanTDM Discord?

Yes, there is an official DanTDM Discord server. However, to be able to join it, you have to first become a member of his YouTube channel by paying a small amount of money. After having done so, you can connect your Discord account with your YouTube account and join the official Discord server by DanTDM.

You can learn more about how you can connect your YouTube account to your Discord account in order to join the members-only DanTDM Discord server here.

How To Join:

To join the Discord servers by DanTDM mentioned above, scroll up and find the one which best suits what you are looking for. Then press the “Join This Server” button which will redirect you to the official Discord application.

From here, click the “Join” button on the popup and you are on the server! Now go explore what the Discord server has to offer.