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William Patrick Spencer Gold, also professionally known as Wilbur soot is a 25-year-old internet celebrity. Wilbur found success because of the amazing personality that he was able to portray through his Minecraft videos.

As of July 2022, Wilbur has amassed a total of 4.6 million followers on Twitch with a quarter of them following just this year. Because of this dedicated fanbase, he has built, Wilbur has created a Discord server for all of them to come together. This server is public for everyone to join.

If you want to become a part of the Wilbur soot community, this Discord server is a great place to start. You can scroll below to join the official Wilbur Discord server.

Wilbur Discord Server 2022:

Here is the official Discord server by Wilbur you can join to become a part of the community:

Members: 294,372
Name: Wilbur Soot

The official Wilbur Soot Discord server. Chat with people, play games and share your art!

More About The Wilbur Discord:

Wilbur has been making content since 2019. Throughout his time on YouTube and Twitch, he has met a lot of friends and fans who binge on his content.

If you are one of those people, this server is a perfect fit for you. In this server, you will find dozens of text as well as voice channels that you can use to communicate with the Wilbur community.

These channels include an announcement tab, a singing channel, and more so you can partake in activities with the community. In the Wilbur Discord, you will also find his friends such as Nihachu, Tommyinnit, Ranboo, Technoblade, Quackity, Philza, Jack manifold, and more.

They occasionally will chat with members in either text or voice channels.

Rules of the Wilbur Discord:

There are a dozen rules that you have to follow when you enter the Discord server by Wilbur. These rules in the Wilbur Discord are super easy to abide by. You can read them by entering the Discord server and opening up the text channel labeled as “Rules”.

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