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Any fast-paced, Sci-Fi, multiplayer, first-person shooter like Splitgate is destined to go viral if the development and storyline are good. This is why, after being released on May 24th, 2019, Splitgate took over the gaming industry because of this very reason.

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People from all around the world tuned in to play the game with their friends and loved ones. Because of the multiplayer factor, various people teamed up and a loyal community and fanbase came into being around the Splitgate game.

Now there are dozens of Discord servers around the game that are active and public for anyone to join. You can scroll below to have a look at our handpicked choices of Spligate Discord servers that are welcoming and that you can join.

Splitgate Discord Servers 2024:

A list of all the Splitgate Discord servers that are still active in 2024:

English (USA + UK):

The largest community within Discord of Splitgate is English-speaking. They love new members who join them and welcome them by being extremely friendly.

Members: 514,378
Name: Splitgate

Welcome to the Splitgate Discord! Splitgate is the brand new arena FPS with portals. F2P on PC and Console NOW!

Members: 2,613
Name: Comet

We Are A Global Gaming Organisation Named OurTrueLight. Our Goal/Purpose Is To Help Young Talents Achieve Goals In The Gaming Community.

Members: 1,317
Name: Six Figures

Esports, Entertainment, and Apparel Organization | Powered by Glitch Energy

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Members: 778
Name: Splitgate Tournaments

If your looking to earn money playing Splitgate your at the right place.

Members: 850
Name: Player Queue

The famous Nexus Forever Discord servers to join now.

German & Dutch (Germany):

Check out the German community. They are friendly and extremely open to new members.

Members: 1,035
Name: Splitgate DE/AT/CH

Herzlich Willkommen, wir sind ein Deutscher Splitgate Discord der sich über neue Nutzer freuen würde. Viel Spaß.

Italian (Italy):

The Italian Splitgate community may be small, but they are always down to have fun. Join them for a chill environment.

Members: 662
Name: Splitgate Italian Playerbase

La Splitgate Italian Playerbase è la prima e più grande community italiana di Splitgate, lo sparatutto arena con portali di 1047Games.

Swedish (Sweden):

The active server within the Swedish language is always on the lookout for new members who can join them in their quest to become the best at various games including Splitgate.

Members: 730
Name: Gaming SWE

Hejsan svenska folket eller ni som lär er svenska!
Gillar du spel och söker folk att spela med? Eller vill du bara chatta med folk? Då har du kommit helt rätt.

More About Splitgate Discord Severs:

After the initial release in 2019, people who have enjoyed the game have since created Discord servers for Spligate that have thousands of members within them. You might notice that some of the Discord servers above are not dedicated servers for the game but are still added to the list.

This is done because these servers also have a dedicated player base of Splitgate within them who are still active within the community. Rest assured, whichever server you decide to choose from the Splitgate Discord server list above, you will be welcomed with open arms by the people of the Splitgate community.


The list of Splitgate Discords mentioned above has been carefully crafted with the languages of each server mentioned. Choose the best Discord server for you by going through the language subsections and picking the one that is preferably your native or one that you can speak fluently.

Although if you are trying to learn a new language, hopping into a Discord with another language that you have yet to master may not be a bad idea as all of the Discord members and Splitgate Discord bots will welcome you with open arms.

The sorted language tabs can be accessed through the “Quick Links” dropdown section at the start of the article.

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Rules Of The Splitgate Discord Servers:

Like any well-managed Discord server, Splitgate Discords have its own set of rules that you must abide by in order to keep your place in the community and server. These rules are super easy to follow.

One main rule that all of these Discord servers have in common is that you need to be friendly to everyone. If you end up breaking this rule and lash out, you are at a high risk of getting banned off of the Splitgate LFG servers.

In order to completely be off the hook, it is advised that you quickly o over the rules text channel found within the Discord servers before heading over to the text and voice channels in any of the Splitgate pro Discord servers provided in the list above.

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Is There An Official Splitgate Discord Server?

Yes, there is an official Splitgate Discord server with over 500,000 members who all have at one point played and enjoyed the game. This server is the first one mentioned in the Splitgate Discord list above.

Within this Discord server, you can view the Splitgate server status, read patch notes, discuss gameplay, Look for a group in the Splitgate LFG section and apply to become a Splitgate partner through their content creator program.

The Discord server houses hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to help you out if you are a newbie to the game.

Furthermore, if you would like to leave feedback on the game or simply want to report a bug you have found, this is the server to be as you can easily open a ticket and discuss the issue with the moderators.

Before chatting on this Discord server, it is required for you to verify your phone number to activate two-factor authentication as well as read and accept the rules. Once you are in, you are free to do any of the things brought up above.