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Skyrim together Discord

If you don’t know what Skyrim together is, basically it’s just a mod essentially that just allows you to play with your friends and random people online it’s actually really cool you know turning a single-player game into an online game is honestly just amazing because you know Bethesda is going to have some competition with elder scrolls six Skyrim together isn’t totally abandoned there are still some small-time developers putting out updates but from what I’ve heard its basically the same state as it was a year ago.

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Anyways, there are still some people who play the game and if you are one of them then you can go ahead and join the Discord servers linked below. These servers are created for Skyrim together and are public for any enthusiast to join right now. You can join them now to make new friends and find players who find the game as much as yourself. They play 24/7 and have a very tight knitted community with friendly people and little to no trolls because of the amazing moderators.

Skyrim Together Discord servers are not that many in volume but the people within them are extremely welcoming to everyone wanting to join. There aren’t many people within the Discord servers so the people seem to be well acquainted with each other.

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Skyrim Together Discord Servers 2023:

Here is a list of all the Discord servers related to Skyrim Together:

Members: 72,749
Name: Skyrim Together

Official server for the online mod for Skyrim.

Members: 66
Name: Skyrim Together: The Dragonborn Comes

Members: 67
Name: Skyrim Coop

Members: 12
Name: Skyrim Together Sex Zone Unofficial