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I know I’m not the only one who’s looking for other places to play tf2 right now outside of the absolute hell that is casual mode so I figured I’d show y’all some good community servers. Servers, where you can play the game without having to worry about bots and cheaters. At least to a much lesser extent. I myself personally play in these servers on a regular basis and I just want to share with you the first set of servers I want to highlight, which is casual TF2.

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These guys run a set of purely vanilla TF2 servers. No mods, no add-ons, no custom maps or weapons no overly ambitious community updates that start and end in shambles. No in-game clutter like advertisements overlays or automatic messages asking you to donate. These Discord servers are made completely by the community for people to join and play in. So if you are one of the people wanting to play TF2 with new friends and people you have not met yet and want to make new friends then this is the best option for you. You can join these public servers dedicated to TF2 and play with them every day.

There are people playing TF2 at every time of every day in these Discord servers and wanting to play with new people. If you are one of the enthusiasts who want to do the same things then you are in the right place. Most of these servers are inclusive of but not limited to playing TF2. There are also a set of rules you need to be following when joining these servers so make sure to read the text channel dedicated to rules to not get kicked or banned.

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TF2 Discord Servers 2024:

Members: 11,420
Name: TF2 Chill Zone

Members: 5,629
Name: Otaku Gaming TF

Members: 4,574
Name: spikeymikey’s pocket medics

Members: 4,268
Name: Exchange

Members: 3,852
Name: Steam Community

Members: 66

Members: 6,279
Name: TF2 Central

Members: 1,085
Name: Random Crit! (Wacky fun times yes)

A server based around csgo and tf2

Members: 1,275
Name: TF2+

Community server that is primary based on team fortress 2 and the trading market of it but also includes games like Rocket Leauge, Valorant, Terraria and Minecraft.