Wildstar Private Server [Active 2024]

wildstar private server

Unveiled on August 17, 2011, Wildstar practically took over the internet. It blew up because of the intense storyline with its plot twists. The game was legendary because of its fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing genre that anyone could become a part of.

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Nowadays, the game still manages to get players from around the world tuned in and ready to play simply because of the addicting role-playing aspect. The people who want to RP in the game have taken it to Discord where thousands of people play the game every day in order to relax.

Wildstar Private Server 2024:

Here is one of the most popular Wildstar private server that is still active right now.

Members: 15,552
Name: Nexus Forever

The famous Nexus Forever Discord servers to join now.

We have handpicked some of the most active and popular of these Discord servers for Wildstar for you to join. Scroll below and hop on into one of these servers.

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More About Wildstar Private Discord Servers:

The plot of the game takes place on a planet called Nexus. The extraterrestrial life on that planet is called the Eldan. The aliens sought to make Genesis Prime which is a project called the Nexus project. The players of the game are able to take control of the character they design by moving through an open world that has a persistent environment.

The game is easily one of the best SciFi games available in the genre and has taken up a big market gap within the industry. It can be played with friends and strangers alike which makes the game even more fun.

Playing the Wildstar game is a Discord server that got popular after various servers started appearing after its initial release. People wanted to battle other players to have a look into their skill level and this popularized the game amongst streamers on Twitch.

Although Twitch played a pivotal role in its success, the retention the game is able to provide is astonishing. It provides players the opportunity to connect with others like never before.

If you are joining the Wildstar private servers, chances are, you want to battle other players or simply want to chat about the game. Whatever your reason maybe, if you end up joining one of the servers from the list mentioned above, be sure to follow the rules of the servers.

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Rules And Regulations:

If you are going to be a member of the large Wildstar community, it is better if you know the rules of Nexus forever servers. These rules are to be followed by everyone. Of course, the rules might depend upon the Discord server for Wildstar you are joining, but most of them follow the simple rule of not being unfriendly and toxic to anyone within the server.

If you follow this rule, there is little to no chance of you getting kicked off of the server. But for security, it is better to go over the rules of the Discord server you end up joining. The rules text channel is typically found within the Discord server’s general or announcements tab.

What Happened to WildStar?

Unfortunately, Wildstar died out because the creators of the game pulled the plug back in 2018. Although the game might be dead, it still has an active community around it in the form of the Nexus Forever Discord server.

This Discord server still houses thousands who used to enjoy and play the game every day. Since the game is now finished, there are multiple replicas of the game that have shown up and these people are there to enjoy them.

They play multiple other games and have not let the community die out. It is an effort by the moderators that has paid off due to the giveaways, activities, and events hosted by the management. Let’s hope the game eventually returns and all the Wildstar fans can unite again.