Pokemon Unite Discord Servers 2024

pokemon unite discord

Pokemon Unite is a similar game to the original Pokémon game and is considered a spinoff. It is an extremely free-to-start multiplayer game that can be played with other people. The game is available on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch, Android as well as IOS.

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The game has been around since July 21, 2021, and has garnered a player base of thousands who come back to the game every day. Because of its fast-paced gameplay and epic battles, players have come together and formed a community within Discord.

These Discord communities are some of the most active in the world. If you would like to become a part of the Pokemon Unite Discord community, you can scroll below and join one of the servers mentioned below.

Pokemon Unite Discord Servers 2024:

Here are the most famous and active Discord servers for Pokemon Unite:

Members: 61,563
Name: r/PokemonUnite

Official Reddit-affiliated Discord server for Pokemon League of Legends, I mean, Unite! Join us for game news, meta, and speculation discussion for the upcoming title.

Members: 46,589
Name: TK Pokemon Unite

This is the craziest Pokemon Unite Discord server featuring; active LFG, Tournaments, and game discussion.

Members: 6,692
Name: Pokémon Unite

You just found the Pokémon Unite Discord Community where we discuss the Game, help Players with bugs, hackers and also Play with them!

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Members: 5,477
Name: Pancham Palace

All trainers are welcome to join and host raids!

Members: 5,378
Name: PokeVenger

The Official Server Of Pokevenger

Hindi (India):

It is the second largest community when it comes to language speaking in Pokemon Unite. They are friendly willing to help each other out.

Members: 18,846
Name: Pokemon Unite – India

Pokémon Unite India. Server Content – Experienced Players – Pokémon Unite Tournaments – Pokémon Unite Scrims – Looking for Group Channels

Portuguese (Brazil):

Here is the only popular Brazillian Discord server for Pokemon United.

Members: 5,727
Name: PokeFrota PT/BR

Venha conhecer o maior servidor de bots pokémon e Pokémon Unite do Brasil

Spanish (Spain):

The Spainish community might be small, but they are a active bunch wholove welcoming new members who speak Spanish.

Members: 4,638
Name: Pokémon Unite ESP

Comunidad de POKEMON UNITE esp totalmente de habla española con muchos JUGADORES PARA JUGAR. NO LO PIENSES MAS UNETE

More About Pokemon Unite Discord Servers:

Although the game is relatively new in the sense that it was just released last year, it has already become famous because of the players from the original pokemon game transferring over. These seasoned veterans already have experience playing a game just like Pokemon Unite and realize the potential Discord servers have in terms of exchanging tips, tricks, and goods with other people.

Whether you are completely new to the game or an old professional, you should have no trouble getting help on these Discord servers because of the friendly attitude of people within these servers. As long as you are willing to ask politely and be friendly, you should have no problem making friends.

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Is There An Official Pokemon Unite Discord?

Yes, there is an official Pokemon Unite Discord server. Although it is not created by any of the developers of the game, the Discord server for Pokemon United has been made by fans and the owner of the Pokemon Unite Sub-reddit which has over 150,000 members within it.

This Discord server has been created for fans by the fans but speaks for the whole Pokemon Unite community. You can join this Discord server from the above list as it is the very first server link provided above.

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Pokemon United Discord Server Rules:

When entering the Discord server for Pokemon Unite, you should be aware that there are certain rules that you will need to abide by in order to stay long-term within the server. These rules ensure that every member is friendly and welcomed with open arms when entering the server.

Every one of the servers mentioned above has its own rules that they follow with some being really strict and enforcing them while some being open to all kinds of people no matter their attitude.

Now to ensure your arrival on the server is met with friendly people welcoming you, please go over the rules of the Discord server before you go into the text and voice channels. This will make sure you are not kicked from the server while also making sure that you feel at home.