Counting Bot Discord [Easy Setup]

counting bot discord

Counting bot is a Discord bot that you can easily add to your server in order to count to infinity with your friends. It is a really fun game as long as multiple people participate in it and is one of the easiest games when it comes to Discord bots.

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NOTE: If "Join Server" Button doesn't work once then Press it again, it will Work

The rules are simple. Just keep counting until one of you messes up the sequence. Add this bot to your server now by clicking the button below.

Counting Bot Discord 2023:

Here is the official counting bot discord for you to invite:

Servers: 380,315
Name: Counting

Compete with other servers to count as high as possible.

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How To Use The Counting Bot Discord?

It’s pretty simple all you got to do is follow the steps mentioned below. so if you want to be able to count in your discord server this is the place for you. So you want to be able to set it up. How you can do that is by scrolling up and reading about it and then clicking the “Invite this bot button.”

You can also read the bot’s description if you press the counting bot link to add it to your server. Anyway, we will go to view and now you can see the full page details for the bot.

You’ll see the description, website, support server, Twitter, and Reddit, and most of the time when you scroll down these bots, you will also see the available commands for the bot when you want to figure out how the bot works.

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How To Add Counting Bot Discord To Your Server:

You can choose whichever server you want to add the bot to after clicking the “invite the bot” button on the website, to which you have been redirected, and then press continue and now you’re brought to the permissions page for the bot.

If you don’t care about permissions and safety then you can just skip ahead. But for everyone else, can we trust the bot? The short answer is mainly yes. First, I need to say that I’m not a bot developer or anything of the sort so I can’t say I know for certain anything.

But the main point to understand is that when you add a bot to your server it can only access the permissions you give it. So if you don’t give the bot the ban permission, then even if hypothetically the bot did get hacked it won’t be able to ban members or use any permissions.

So after adding it and giving the permissions, the discord bot is activated on your server. Now go ahead and start counting with your friends.