FFXIV Discord Servers [Most Popular]

FFXIV stands for the Final Fantasy XIV online game that was released on September 30, 2010. This game has hundreds of thousands of people who still enjoy the game worldwide. These people have come together and made FFXIV Discord servers to play the game in.

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You can scroll below to view all of the Discord servers for FFXIV that are active as of right now. These servers are fan-made and have enthusiasts of Final Fantasy XIV looking to play with each other all day long. You can chat with them in text channels and even talk about the game in voice chats specifically about Final Fantasy XIV. You can join them and get started right now!

FFXIV Discord Servers 2024:

Here is a list of all the most active and popular FFXIV Discord servers

English (USA + UK)

The English-speaking community has a large following within the game of Final Fantasy XIV. The Discord servers that speak English have thousands of people within them role-playing at all times of the day.

Members: 220,367
Name: Final Fantasy XIV

Look at the Final Fantasy XIV people group on Discord – spend time with 220166 different individuals and appreciate free voice and text channels.

Members: 455,736
Name: The Balance

A group of people who enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV everyday!

Members: 122,637
Name: Centurio Hunts (FFXIV)

Centurio Hunts offers assets for all NA and EU data centers with programmed callouts for A and S rank spawns, accomplishment destinies, and a functioning local area

Members: 17,362
Name: FFXIV – Europe

The LIGHT & CHAOS DC Community Discord for Final Fantasy Online (XIV). Social, grouping up, advice, giveaways, creative competitions, content sharing and more.

Members: 15,473
Name: Final Fantasy XIV Housing

Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV Housing!
A server dedicated for housing enthusiasts. If you want to buy, sell or decorate your house, or anything that is house related, this is the place for you!

Members: 9,367
Name: Clan Centurio – FFXIV Hunts [Light]

We are an organized hunting community of spawners, scouters & relinkers located in Light Data Center.

Members: 7,587
Name: FFXIV Roleplaying

Open to all Datacenters! EU, NA and Japan alike! Learn FFXIV RP lore and technique! Learn how to find RP, when, where, and people to RP with!

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Members: 9,447
Name: Gayorzea

Gayorzea is the home of Final Fantasy XIV’s LGBT community with players from every Datacenter. Established in March 2016.

Germany (German):

The German Speaking community is the only Final Fantasy XXIV Discord server that has a large non-native American population. They are friendly and extremely open to new members if you speak german.

Members: 3,479
Name: Final Fantasy XIV Germany

Bevor du mit Chatten beginnst, ließ dir bitte unsere Regeln durch und weise dir deine Rollen zu in 🔩┃rollenzuweisung. Danke!

More About FFXIV Discord Servers:

Before joining the DIscord servers mentioned above, there are some important factors that you should be aware of. Because there are thousands of people within these Discord servers, there are bound to be some people who do not follow the rules.

Although these people are a minority due to the moderators and admins of the server keeping the place friendly and open to everyone, some people do slip up and if you are a toxic menace within the Discord servers, there is a high chance that you will be kicked. For this reason, make sure you read the rules of the server and abide by them.

Is There An Official FFXIV Discord Server?

Yes, there is an official FFXIV Discord server that you can join. This Final Fantasy XIV Discord server has been mentioned at the very top of the list and has over 220,000 people within the server.

This server was created by some developers of the game so if you have any queries that you would like answered about the game, this Final Fantasy XIV Discord server is where you should be headed.

New players in the FFXIV Discord Servers:

All of the mentioned FFxiv servers above have been specifically hand-picked for the reason that there are a bunch of helpers and people willing to help you out whether you are a new player or an old veteran. If you are just starting out the game and do not know where to start, this is a great place for you to be.

Politely asking for help about the game mechanics and quests can take you a long way within these Discord servers. Whether you are just downloading FFXIV or have been playing for years, just be open to helping each other out.

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How to Join The FFXIV Discord Servers:

Joining the servers above has been made extremely easy. All you need to do is scroll up and choose a Discord server that you would like to join by reading the descriptions provided by the server owners and moderators.

Then go ahead and click the “Join This Server” button and you will be redirected to the official FFXIV Discord invite. Now you can click Continue and you will join that specific server and a welcome page will be displayed as your Discord application launches.

Rules of The FFXIV Discord Servers:

There are certain rules that you will need to follow once you go ahead and join one of the Discord servers mentioned above. All of the FFXIV Discord servers follow different rules so once you join go ahead and search for the “rules” text channel to get a grasp of what is and is not allowed within the Discord server.

One pivotal rule that all of these Discord servers follow is that you have to be non-toxic to everyone on the server. Generally, if you are following this simple rule, you should be good no matter the server!