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Have you been stumbling around trying to find people you can do math questions with or potentially ask math question solutions from? Well, Discord servers are a great way to reach out to people to learn more about the subject of Maths. Over the years, people have formed multiple communities for helping others and themselves complete homework or just study the subject of Mathematics for fun.

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Regardless of what your agenda is, these Mathematics Discord servers are sure to help you learn one thing or another. You can scroll down below to view all of the most active maths Discord servers that are active as of right now!

Math Discord Servers 2024

Here are the most active and largest communities when it comes to Discord servers for Math:

Members: 85,374
Name:  Mathematics

We are one of the largest communities when it comes to Mathematics and solving math problems.

Members: 158,376
Name: Homework Help

Schoolwork Help (HWH) is Discord’s chief intellectual and shared learning local area: Whether you want assistance with a task or are yourself a specialist ready to chip in your time, go along with us!

Members: 40,749
Name: Homework Help

Whether you’re an understudy or just keen on finding out about any of
these subjects or related fields, this server is for you!

Members: 32,367
Name: STEM Homework Helpers & Students

We are the official Final Fantasy Record Keeper Discord server from Reddit. This server is a home to many people who enjoy the game and still play it to this day.

Members: 28,495
Name: Alexis Loveraz’s Tutoring Server

Join Alexis Loveraz’s STEM server! Known for his simple to-learn approaches on TikTok.

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Members: 15,759
Name: Homework Central

Need assistance with a schoolwork task?
Keen on electing to mentor others?
Look at Homework Central – an across the board school local area!

Members: 13,695
Name: Mathematics

A Server committed to maths, opposite side subjects, and its local area

Members: 8,348
Name: Mathematical Olympiads

We are a server devoted to investigating lovely maths issues and figuring out how to settle them! We invite individuals of any age, capacities, and yearnings.

Members: 7,376
Name: Optimal Learning

This is an agreeable coaching server that spotlights on Math and Science! We have a wide scope of guides accessible to assist with secondary school and school level material!

More about Math Discord Servers

If you end up joining one of the Discord servers from the above list, there is a high chance that you just need help asking people for help with your homework. If this is the case for you, you are in luck as there are multiple Mathematicians and undergrad students that are currently studying Mathematics to get better at it every single day. These people are friendly and extremely helpful and they will welcome your questions with open arms if you ask politely.

Member Count

These Discord servers are extremely large in terms of member count. There are thousands of people on these Discord servers so it is pretty likely that you will meet people who are willing to help. The largest Mathematics Discord server has hundreds of thousands of active members that are always active.

How to Join the Math Discord server?

Scroll up and choose a Discord server of maths that you would like to join. You can decide by reading the descriptions that have been provided and after you have made your choice, go ahead and click “Join This Server”. Afterward, you will be redirected to the Discord invite page where you can click the “Join” or “Continue” button to officially become a part of the community. Your Discord application will be launched and you will be presented with the welcome page.


There are multiple languages spoken within these Maths Discord servers but mainly English is observed as that is the universal language. You are likely to find people speaking different languages if you ask but read the rules beforehand to know if you can do so within that certain Discord server related to maths.

Rules and Regulations:

There are certain sets of rules that you have to abide by if you are going to be joining one of these Mathematics Discord servers. Every server has its own set of rules and it is certainly better if you read them depending on whichever server you end up joining.

Almost all of the servers follow the hard and fast rule of not being toxic to any other users and being active. So if you are not doing any of those two things, you should be good to go.

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Now that you are informed of everything there is to know about Math Discord servers, you can begin your journey by clicking the Join Server button above. We hope you can make a lot of new friends and people who are like-minded or simply just get the answers to your math-related problems.