Investing Discord Servers [Active 2024]

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Are you into investing and money-making and want to meet like-minded people that share your common interests and their strategies as to how they invest? Well, then you might enjoy these Investing Discord servers where people from around the globe gather to share their stories, strategies, and goals with investing.

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They are extremely friendly folks who will help you out if you have any questions and queries in both text chat as well as voice chat if you ask politely.

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Made by enthusiasts from around the world, the community that has formed around investing within Discord was originally created as a passion project but has grown beyond what any moderators could have expected.

Now several different communities live on as investing becomes more and more popular within several countries. These investing Discord servers exist in many languages in order for as many of you to enjoy being a part of them as possible.

Originally, the idea for Investing Discord servers came from Reddit users; particularly from the “WallStreetsBets” subreddit who wanted to talk more about their profits and losses.

So if you are a proud member of the Reddit investing communities, you might enjoy the ones listed below. So go ahead and get started by picking out one of the Investing Discords from the list below:

Investing Discord Servers 2024

Here is a list of all the potential Investing Discord servers you can become a part of:

Members: 600,000
Name: r/WallStreetBets

You know who we are. We are the degenerates and the official wallstreetsbets discord. Come join us to be a degenerate.

Members: 256,836
Name: Eagle Investors

We are one of the biggest stock, choices, and crypto exchanging networks zeroed in on showing individuals how to put resources into the market and track down imaginative techniques.

Members: 90,346
Name: Whale Investment Group LLC

Whale Investment Group LLC is a 100 percent free venture disagreement server where we examine any semblance of exchanging, effective money management, banking and then some!

Members: 44,347
Name: thediamondhandz

In 2020 we had an 80% success rate on the year with all trades documented! We are a group of 15 traders and are different than most other groups because we have analysts that focus on all areas of trading.

Members: 36,378

Our group assists individuals with boosting benefits utilizing progressed systems and ideas utilized by Wall Street Professionals

Members: 33,126
Name: WSBN

The official r/Wallstreetbetsnew Discord server with over 37000 members!

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Spain (Spanish):

The Spanish investing discord server is actually really friendly and fun to be around. The community is pretty small so all of them are well acquainted and have really good friendships.

Members: 1,769
Name: Academia LR

¡Somos un servidor comercial que brinda alertas y también le enseña cómo operar por su cuenta!

Italy (Italian):

The community in Italy is pretty big and is looking to expand their discord server and NFT projects together. you can join them to ask anything and you will get a response in minutes as they are really friendly and active.

Members: 6,458
Name: DogeCola Ecosystem

DOGECOLA NFT is at last out!
Genuine soda underway 🥤
Incredible Community 💚!

More Information on Investing Discord Servers

Investing Discord servers have recently been blowing up granted that there are newly found interests and investing opportunities like crypto investing, and NFT investing bringing in huge money to people who are interested in them.

If you want to know more about what you are investing into, whether it be a stock pick, the real estate market, or the crypto space, it is better to get an expert’s opinion on it through these Discord servers with individuals who will help you out tremendously if you end up joining the servers.

Some of these people have decades of experience while some are newbies. So you will find people of all sorts within these servers that are looking to become a part of the Investing Discord space.

These Discord servers not only have people who talk about investing but people who are actually willing to invest within your startups if you are looking to start one and they enjoy and believe in your idea. If you want to raise some capital, these Discord servers might help out, although it is pretty risky.


When it comes to the languages the people within the Investing Discord servers use, it is mostly in English since Redditors like to keep it easy and simple for everybody. However, if you prefer a different language than English, you can find Discord servers with people speaking different languages such as French and Spanish in the Discord server list above.

Note that if you want to talk to people in other languages, you should only join the Discord servers from the list above that cater to that audience.

As for explicit language, most of these servers do not mind it at all unless you are being extremely toxic to people within the servers by using it. To be safe, make sure to go over the rules of the Discord server to not be in violation of any regulations they have put forth.

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How to Join The Investing Discord Servers

Going ahead and joining one of the servers from the above list is extremely easy. All you need to do is choose which one you would want to join after reading the descriptions that quote what their creators have to say about them and then click the “Join this Server” Button from above.

After you have done that, you will be redirected to a discord invite from one of these servers which will automatically open Discord and accept your request to join. If the automatic feature does not work, just click the “Join” button on the redirected page and you will be in!

Is There A Wallstreetbets investing Discord Server?

Yes, you might have noticed that above we have mentioned a discord server named Wallstreetsbets. It has over 596,000 people within it that call themselves the “degenerates”. All of these people live by the YOLO motto and have money invested across multiple niches.

The Discord continues to grow and just like any other investing Discord server has people that carefully pick their stock picks and invest thousands of dollars within them to potentially come up big.

Rules and Regulations:

There are some rules and regulations for every one of the servers mentioned above. When you have made the decision to join the servers from the list, make sure to first read all the rules they have in order to not accidentally break them which can result in you getting banned or kicked from the server completely.

Although most of the rules are not that strict, make sure to go over them at least once.