Animal Crossing Discord Servers [Popular 2024]

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Animal Crossing is a simulation game that has been around since the early 2000s. Because the game has gained popularity over the years and continues to be a top game on the Nintendo charts with thousands of players worldwide tuning in every day, there are people who want to play the game with friends.

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These people have gone ahead and made animal crossing Discord servers that you can become a part of. These servers are active and public for anyone to join. So scroll down and get started on your journey!

Animal Crossing Discord Servers 2024:

Here is a list of all the most popular Animal Crossing Discord servers:

Members: 544,285
Name: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The largest Discord-Partnered server for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Members: 37,368
Name: Villager Haven

Villager Haven is run by a group of Animal Crossing enthusiasts looking to make new friends c:

Members: 15,488
Name: Horizon Central

Welcome to Horizon Central, we are a friendly and welcoming server. This is a safe-for-work place for people to interact and bond together.

Members: 5,994
Name: Community Crossroads

Join us! We are a growing community previously focused on animal crossing: new horizons!

Members: 12,634
Name: NOOKingdom | Animal Crossing

⭐ Top-rated Discord for Animal Crossing!

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Members: 12,551
Name: Animal Crossing Discord Friends

Come join our Animal Crossing Discord server! We have a huge NL and NH community as well as every other AC game!

Members: 11,648
Name: Friendly Trade Union | ACNH

The biggest currency-free Animal Crossing Discord server!

Members: 11,213
Name: hello kitty & friends! ♡~

hello kitty emotes galore! channels for all sorts of aesthetics and memes uwu. join 4 a good time!

Members: 10,265
Name: New Horizons Black Market

We are a friendly and engaging Animal Crossing community that welcomes the trade of all items, including hacked items.

More About Animal Crossing:

You’ve never played animal crossing you’re down with the hype but you have no idea what you’re actually hyped for. You see the animal crossing community complaining. It’s been seven years since release and yet all they freak out about is how there are raindrops in the water and toe beans.

Sit back, relax, grab some vacation juice, and let’s get into what the heck this game is. The animal crossing game has been a staple IP for Nintendo since 2001. When it was released in Japan on the Nintendo 64 as “Dobutsu No Mori” or animal forest in English, after a couple of updates and enhancements the game was released in North America in 2002 on the GameCube.

Animal Crossing is a real-time simulation game. you’re a human living in a town inhabited by animals who have human-like traits. this game is completely open-ended there are no required goals to complete, and no real linear path to follow in all games except new horizons.

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How Animal Crossing Works:

You’re dropped off at an already developed town with no money, no house. In the new horizons, you’re dropped off at a deserted island so they kind of changed it up a little bit.

But then tom nook local tanuki and entrepreneur offers you a small house to live in; which starts your wonderful loan-paying adventure. The loan starts small at around 20 000 bells, which is the currency of animal crossing.

The player can earn bells mainly by selling items to nooks like fish bugs, fossils, unwanted furniture items that can be traded for clothing items, and fruit among other things. Animal villagers that inhabit your town will sometimes pay you bells when you complete favors or give you a gift like furniture or clothing.

The furniture items you do want, you can place in your house. There are thousands of furniture items to decorate your house with. So naturally, once you pay off your original loan you want to expand your house from the tiny shack that you started out with and continue to expand.

This is where the Anime Crossing Discord servers come in. You can just go ahead and visit animal crossing discord servers and ask people to help you with expansions or decorations of your new home. Whatever your reason may be for joining these Discord servers, just remember to have fun!