Yes Theory Discord Server [Official Discord]

yes theory discord

A major platform for connecting with yes theory fam from all across the globe is Discord. On here your opportunities are endless you can chat with a bunch of strangers, make new friends, find people from your area, create real-life events and ships together and post about these too.

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You can join the official Yes Theory Discord server from the link and button mentioned below.

Yes Theory Discord 2024

Members: 35,375
Name: Yes Theory Fam

A Fan Made Discord Server. Want To Meet Others Who Love Yes Theory As Much As You? Look No Further!

More About The Yes Theory Discord Server

All of this is combined in one place which can be quite overwhelming at first but please do not sweat it. First off Discord is a server-based platform. There are servers for everything and you’ve probably just joined the yes theory server which is located and linked to down below. When you click on it the server unfolds itself with all of its chat rooms.

Now, this is a lot to grasp at first but it’ll be less scary once you get to know what these channels are. Every hashtag is a text channel for a specific topic. When you click on welcome chat, you’ll find a bunch of people guiding new members around their first discord experience, so even if after this guide there are any questions left, this is where you can go.

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There are also channels that you can’t type in which are purely for display or information on the channel’s rules and general info to give you a better understanding of how things work but you cannot send messages there. Most of these read-only channels are located in the section notifications, including server-wide announcements and updates.

How to Use the Yes Theory Discord Server

What you can do in the Yes Theory Discord is writing an introduction about yourself or post about an ongoing event like a video call or a game being played to invite other people. In the text channel section, you’ll find the main chat rooms accessible for everybody most of these channels are pretty much self-explanatory.

Right underneath you’ll find a channel exclusively visible to your country for speaking in your own language or planning a local meetup and unlike the Facebook messenger chats, this has no cap on people, meaning you can go far beyond 250 people in one single chat room and now if you scroll down you’ll have arrived at the voice channels.

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Another feature Discord provides is that clicking on one of them makes you join it and if there are already people in there you’ll get to talk to them right away just like with the text channels. There are different topics on specific things in there as well.

Some of them have a certain limit of people for when you prefer a more calm chat in the let’s talk channels. There’s so much more you can do like join channels dedicated to certain hobbies like a channel for musicians or photographers.

You can add languages to your profile in order to learn or teach these with the community but this should get you settled for now and I’ll let you discover the entire rest for yourself on your journey through the Yes Theory Discord server. They are all glad to have you if you end up joining.