BoxBox Discord Server [Official Server 2024]

boxbox discord

Albert Zheng, also known as BoxBox is a Twitch streamer that has made a name for himself because of his League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics skills.

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His witty personality, combined with his competitive drive make him one of the best on the platform when it comes to entertainment. He has thousands of fans watching him every time he streams any game.

These fans have long been looking for a place to call home in order to come together as a community and meet like-minded people who enjoy BoxBox’s content.

BoxBox took notice of this growing trend and made a Discord server a few years back for all of his community members to come together. You can scroll below to find and join this Discord server by BoxBox.

BoxBox Discord Servers 2024:

Here you can find the official link to the BoxBox Discord Server:

Members: 12,540
Name: boxbox cool discord

Join the cool fam of boxbox now for a jolly good time! I promise we are cool :3

More About The BoxBox Discord Server:

If you are one of BoxBox’s fans and have been looking for a Discord server but to no feat, don’t fret. The Discord server we have mentioned above is the only official Discord server that BoxBox himself is a part of.

BoxBox does not promote his own Discord server often for unknown reasons as the Discord server is not mentioned on his Twitch about us page. However, despite this, there are still over 12,000 members on the Discord servers that are active and willing to chat in voice and text channels.

So if you are looking for a BoxBox community to become a part of, you should be looking no further than this official community-based Discord server by BoxBox.

Rules Of The BoxBox Discord:

Following the rules of this Discord server is extremely important as not doing so will automatically get you kicked out of the server. You can read these rules by joining the Discord server and going to any text channel which will ask you to agree to rules before you start chatting with anyone.