What Happened To The Mongraal Discord Server? [Deleted]

With over 10,000 active members, Mongraal had one of the most popular Discord servers out of all the Fortnite pros a few months back. He hosted competitions, karaoke nights, and much more on his server to keep it active at all times. But it seems that the Discord server for Mongraal has been deleted without any notice. Why did this occur? Let’s investigate.

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Where Is Mongraal Now?

After being one of the most-watched Fortnite pros on the live streaming app called Twitch, Mongraal seems to have “Fallen off”. This is because he lost motivation for streaming and the game Fortnite as he explained in a tweet to address his recent absence. Along with his viewer count, Mongraal noticed that his health was also declining hence he has now started to work out almost every day and plans to stay in shape in order to better his mental and physical health before ultimately returning to content creation.

What Happened To The Mongraal Discord?

The Mongraal Discord server seems to have been deleted. Although the Discord server link was mentioned in the description of his YouTube videos, the link leads you to an invalid server invite, indicating that the Discord server was deleted. Some fans speculate that this occurred because Mongraal was getting hate as he was inactive and he deleted it himself, but this is just a guess and has not been confirmed by any known trustable source.

Now fans have made a Discord server called the “Mongraal News” Discord. Here you can chat with fans of Mongraal and be welcomed with open arms. Although the Discord server is small in terms of member count, they are still a participating community who love Mongraal and support him.

Mongraal Discord Server 2024:

Here is the fan-made Mongraal Discord server for you to join:

Members: 95mongraal discord pfp
Name: Mongraal News

This is a community for mongraal fans and people that would like to chat.