YourRage Discord Server [Actual Server 2024]

YourRage is 22 years old and one of the most popular twitch streamers. This twitch streamer and YouTuber is also part of a YouTube squad called “Beta”. Because of this, he has garnered a fan following of millions who love to watch him have fun for entertainment.

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He has made a community Discord server for these enthusiastic individuals to be within so they can share a common interest in his content.

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YourRage Discord Server 2024:

This is the official YourRage Discord server that you can join.

Members: 80,190yourrage discord pfp
Name: YRG

The official YRG Discord server. If you want to join, make sure you are friendly and know who YourRage is. No hate allowed.

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More About The Official YourRage Discord Server:

YourRage first knew he wanted to become a Twitch steamer when he was bored while writing a college essay and decided to watch Twitch for background noise. He was watching “flight reacts” when he got an idea. YourRage started off on YouTube as a plug channel.

It was known for getting clips out insanely fast. He was also getting lots of followers on Twitter for his memes and at the time his Twitter was known as “DoNotNut” but he switched accounts after that account got suspended. On YouTube, he started as a plug for flight and then Illuminati while also making compilations of various YouTubers such as OSN and Cash Nasty.

He would also make 1v1 trailers that would get tons of views. He then started reaction videos on YouTube. His first reaction was to his favorite player Derrick Rose tearing his meniscus. YourRage then started to make different types of content like YouTube videos of his own.

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Now YourRage has a fan following of millions who love the enthusiastic YouTuber and twitch streamer. YourRage has taken notice of these people and made a Discord server for all of these people to be within so they can share their experiences, stories, and game together. If you want to join and be within the fanbase, you can click the “Join This Server” button above and enter right away!