Attack on Titan Discord Servers (Anime Enthusiasts)


If you’re a big fan of the show and you’re looking for a place to kick back with other fans, you’re in luck. I’m here to chat about Attack on Titan Discord servers and all the cool stuff they’ve got. Let’s get into it, and I’ll keep it super chill for you.

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Attack on Titan Discord Servers 2023:

Here is a list of all the most active and relevant Attack on Titan Discord servers as of today:

Members: 568

Name: Levi Squad


Come join Levi Squad! We have anime, gaming, bots, and a close community! Non-toxic and LGBTQ+ friendly. Love having new people join! Talk to official Attack on Titan Characters or just chat with other users!!

Members: 31,539

Name: Jujutsu Kaisen


Jujutsu Kaisen anime-themed discord server, safe, non-toxic, properly moderated place with daily news, updates, memes, fanarts to offer.

Members: 2,463

Name: Club Geek | jogos e ani…


Venha conhecer o Club Geek, um server cheio de pessoas novas para conhecer!

Members: 2,089

Name: » 🥥 petrichor ⋆。𖦹﹒$10…


This server is irl friendly. Do not join if you can’t respect irls.

Members: 436

Name: wag1


The ultimate server for anyone looking to find people to game with, people to talk with and make friends, and post E none stop!

What’s Discord and Why It’s Rad

Discord is like a big online hangout where you can chat, play games, and meet people. For Attack on Titan fans like us, it’s like finding a secret spot to connect with other peeps who love the show. It’s where the titan party is happening!

Attack on Titan Discord Servers – The Scoop

Discord servers are like big group chats where you can chat about stuff you love. Now, let me spill the beans on the Attack on Titan servers.

1. Titan Talk Central: This is like the main spot for Attack on Titan fans to chill. You can meet fans from all around, chat about the show, episodes, and even share your favorite titan moments.

2. Survey Corps Strategies Shack: Feeling tactical? This server is your strategy hub! You can swap tactics with other fans, discuss the latest episodes, and maybe even predict what’s gonna happen next.

3. Character Corner: Got a favorite character you wanna talk about? This server is where it’s at. Discuss your faves, share fan theories, and maybe even debate who’s the ultimate titan fighter.

4. Fan Art Fiesta: Feeling artsy? This server is your canvas! Share your Attack on Titan fan art or check out the awesome creations from other fans.

5. Spoiler-Free Zone: If you’re not caught up with the latest episodes and want to chat without spoilers, this server is perfect. Share your thoughts without ruining the surprise for others.

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The Titan Community

Now, let’s talk about the awesome crew in these servers. Attack on Titan fans are some of the friendliest folks around. You can make pals from all over the world who share your love for the show. It’s like having a bunch of buddies who get hyped about titans and epic battles!

Game Nights and Events

These servers often throw game nights or events where you can play and win cool stuff. Sometimes there are prizes like exclusive roles or maybe even some Attack on Titan merch. It’s a great way to have fun, show off your skills, and score awesome rewards.

Fan Theories and Spoiler-Free Chat

If you’re into sharing your theories about what might happen next in the show or just want to chat without spoilers, you can find other fans who love doing that too. Just keep it friendly – not everyone wants to know all the plot twists!

Cool Bots and Fun Stuff

Discord servers have some fun bots. There are bots that can play music, show memes, or even give you Attack on Titan trivia. It’s like having a virtual buddy that’s also an Attack on Titan fan!

Stay Updated

These servers are like the go-to place for staying in the loop with Attack on Titan news. Get the latest info, updates, and maybe even some hints about what’s coming next in the show. No need to check all over the internet; it’s all right there in your server.

So, there you have it, Attack on Titan Discord servers are the place to be if you’re a fan. You can chat, make friends, share your favorite moments, talk about your favorite characters, and even swap show theories. It’s a whole lot of fun, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re not part of any of these servers yet, what are you waiting for? Dive in and join the Attack on Titan community. You’ll have a blast! Catch you on the flip side, fellow Titan enthusiast!