Sypherpk Discord Server [Active Community 2024]

sypherpk discord

SypherPK, better known as Ali Hassan to his family and friends, is a full-time Twitch live streamer and entertainer who has been on the platform for more than a decade. Over the years, he has gained millions of fans and followers on both his YouTube channel and Twitch account.

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This has led people to want to make a community around the famous live streamer. SypherPK took notice of these people wanting to become a part of his community and chat with other like-minded people and created a Discord server for them all to come together.

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SypherPK Discord Server 2024

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Members: 141,621sypherpk discord pfp

Home to SypherPK’s community, variety of channels ranging from Video Games, IRL, Community Events and even Bot Casinos!

Now this Discord server has over 140,000 active members. There are events, activities, giveaways, and much more happening every week in this Discord server for the community, hosted by the SyphePk moderators.

More About The SypherPK Discord:

Best known for his Fortnite content, SypherPK blew up because of his “How To Win” Fortnite series on his YouTube channel.

He has multiple big-name friends in the scene who he has played with and continues to play with such as Ninja, Summit1G, and Rubius, giving him a wide audience which he drives his traffic from.

The Twitch streamer now streams to over 5,000 concurrent watchers almost every day. With over 6 million followers on Twitch and 6 million subscribers on Youtube, it was only inevitable that people would want to make a community around the guy to celebrate him and his successes.

Now the SypherPK Discord server, called the PKHOOD is home to 140,000+ members. This Discord server is public for anyone to join and if you would like to become a part of his community, this Discord server for SypherPK should be the first step to getting started.

Rules Of The Discord Server:

When entering the Discord server, you will be presented with some rules that you need to abide by in order to stay on the SypherPK Discord server

If these rules are broken and a moderator is alerted, you will be at the risk of getting punished by being either kicked or banned off of the server. Here are some of the rules that have been stated in the Discord server by SypherPK’s mods:

  • Do not @ SypherPK in the Discord server; open a ticket if you have any issues.
  • Be respectful to moderators and members of the server.
  • Follow the Discord TOS.
  • Do not start public drama. Take it to the DMs.
  • Post content in the designated channel or it will be deleted.
  • Please be mature: Do not talk about any prohibited topic such as politics, religion, or self-harm.

If you are able to follow these extremely easy and straightforward rules, you will be able to merge and be a part of this amazing SypherPK Discord community.

So get started on your endeavors and make new friends now!