Rubius Discord Server [Spanish Speaking Community]

rubius discord

Being one of the biggest Spanish-speaking live streamers and YouTubers, Rubius has created a career for himself where millions of people watch him every month. With this many people behind him, Rubius has created a Discord server for all these people to come together.

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The Discord server is now home to over half a million people who are actively participating in the Discord server. It is one of the largest communities on Discord for streamers because he is known as the biggest Spanish streamer in the industry.

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Rubius Discord Server 2024:

Join the official Rubius Discord server to become a part of the community.

Members: 578,479

Este es mi server de Discord oficial. Uniros que hay gente muy maja, muchos canales y mú bien montado todo 🙂

More About The Rubius Discord Server:

At the age of only 32, Rubius has made a name for himself over the decade and a half that he has been making content. Now his YouTube channel is the largest one in Spain and he has won multiple awards such as being named the “online conqueror” in the Times magazine.

Furthermore, he also has tens of thousands of people watching him every time he goes live on his YouTube channel where he mainly streams games and uploads vlogs.

The Discord server for Rubius is definitely one of his biggest projects and offers the people within it great incentives to join such as a loyal fanbase and community who are extremely friendly and welcoming to all members.

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If you are worried about a language barrier on the Rubius Discord server, do not fret as there are several thousand people on the server who are native English speakers and will be able to communicate with you if you end up joining his server.

Be sure to be respectful of the rules in the Rubius Discord server as the moderators are extremely strict and will kick you out if you do not abide by the rules set forth by them. These rules are fairly simple and easy to follow.

You can read them by joining the Discord server from above and clicking the “Complete” button at the bottom right in any of the text channels within the Discord server by Rubius. It is by agreeing to these rules that you will be able to message people on the server and join any voice channels.