Neon Discord Servers [Most Active 2024]

neon discord

Whether you are looking for a Discord server for Neon mains on Valorant, the YouTuber called Neon or the neon play game developers Discord called the Neon Play, you have come to the right place. You can scroll below to view all the Discord servers that are famous under the name Neon. They have active people looking to meet friends at all times of the day.

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Neon Discord Servers 2024

Here are all the most famous Neon Discord servers that are active:

Members: 31,637
Name: Neon Play

We are passionate game developers based in the UK creating top games like Idle Army Base & Scrapyard Tycoon. Have fun!

Members: 2,658
Name: “♡⟶⸝⸝Enigma

Enigma is a fun SFW community server dedicated to everything anime, vibrant, and aesthetic!

Members: 1,368
Name: Letter Emotes

An emote server with all dancing letter emotes of the alphabet as well as numbers 0-9, plus other non-animated emotes as well.

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Members: 415
Name: IFTMO Neon (Nitro)

this clone server contains many gaming and way of life emoticons done in the neon style as found in Gilby’s Rainbow Emoji Server (Nitro) and sub-servers!

Members: 226
Name: Neon City 💜

Neon City Offers: – Kind and reliable community. – Fast growing community – Respectful Staff and Moderators.

Members: 149

Esse servidor é do Podcast(Aceita um Podcast),foi feito para ter contato com o publico,e tendo recurso para todos caso queira interagir entre e tenha uma boa jornada

Members: 189
Name: IFTMOji Pride

IFTMOji Pride brings you animated neon emojis in vibrant, rainbow styles. Consisting of both 6-color and 7-color rainbow emojis

More About Neon Discord Servers:

The birth of neon in Valorant, well, it’s not as straightforward as you think. In fact, we don’t even know if neon has any parents to be honest.

Let me explain. So in a promotional article with life interviewing the voice actress for neon called Vanilli Velasquez, they explained neon in a quick bio to the readers of the article saying where neon came from.

Apparently, she was found by Filipino scientists, when they went to investigate a huge lightness strike in the tall mountains of mount Pulag in the Philippines. But this lightning strike was nothing but ordinary as the scientists discovered that a rift opened up in the sky above the impact and right below it was a little baby girl.

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That girl is neon but as if a baby is discovered by a lightning strike impact with a rift opening up in the sky wasn’t crazy enough, this happened 10 years before the first light of Valorant.

Now there are thousands of people who play Neon in Valorant every day and enjoy the character. You can join the Discord servers above and they will be sure to make you meet new friends who main Neon as their character.