Rainbow Six Siege Discord Servers 【Most Active 2023】

Looking to play Rainbow Six Siege with new friends? Well, look no more! As in this list, we have compiled the perfect list of Rainbow six siege Discord servers that are active and you will love to join them! Rainbow six siege, officially launched on December 1, 2015, is the first shooter online tactical game. After its initial release, it gained the attention of millions of active players worldwide.

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The game is a successor of the previous part of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 named “Patriots”. After their initial bugs and shortcomings in the Patriots series, Ubisoft revived the franchise by releasing the game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and it had an instant impact on the gaming world.

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Rainbow Six Siege Discord Servers:

Members: 33,850
Name: Rainbow Six [DE] ✔

Members: 2,265
Name: Pint&Pills

The game was made by the billion-dollar giant Ubisoft and was a hit as soon as it was released! The game combines the fun first-shooter perspective with an addictive tactical shooter to engage its players. This game can be played on all consoles and PC including the PS4, Xbox, and even the PS5!

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Members: 6,198
Name: Alter Nation

Members: 614
Name: PP Gaming

Members: 2,771
Name: Rainbow6 Hub

The official Rainbow6 Hub Youtube Channels discord, where you can talk with people and also play with people who love R6 as much as you do.
over 3000 members

Members: 1,896
Name: R6 Asia Pacific

Ever wanted to become a part of a discord server such as Escape From Tarkov? Join now!

Members: 1,518
Name: FPS Asylum (Gaming Community)

Members: 423
Name: Rainbow Six Siege Mates

In this server for Rainbow Six Siege players, any level and rank, you can talk, share moments, tricks, memes, glitches, ideas, facts, art, you can play mini-games, find new friends to play with, and more!

Members: 678
Name: Rainbow Six Chill✨

A nitro-boosted chill server with a bunch of people who play siege. Join our active community if you’re looking for chill people who play siege and many other games! Looking for staff members and active members!
We will do a nitro giveaway at 500 members!

More Info on Rainbow Six Siege Discord Servers:

Now because of R6s’s popularity, it is only inevitable that the players would want to join others for a chance to build teams, play together and potentially battle it out! For that reason, people have also started to look for new chances to make friends within the game. And the best way to make friends in the gaming community is by joining Rainbow Six Siege Discord Servers. So if you’re looking to meet strangers and have an awesome gaming session with them, then this list of R6S Discord servers has been specially compiled for you! This list goes over the most popular and active R6 Discord servers there are.

R6 Looking For Group Servers:

Most of these rainbow six siege discord servers are built for people looking for groups within the game. rainbow six siege LFG discord servers are very common and have thousands of people playing live within them. The Discord servers listed above are some of the best rainbow six siege LFG discords which are also active. Wondering if you can get a full squad together? Well, now you can!

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Joining rainbow six siege discord servers is a great way to find buddies to game with and have a fun time. Although some say that the R6 discord community is toxic, that is not entirely true.


These rainbow 6 discord servers have one thing in common and that is the wholesome and extremely welcoming communities. The people within these servers are friendly and even help newbies out as some of them are also Rainbow Six Siege beginner Discord servers. So it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, all that matters is that you have the spirit and the sportsmanship to play in these Rainbow six siege LFG Discord servers.

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