Midjourney Discord Server 2024 [AI Generated Images]

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The Midjourney Discord channel linked below can be accessed by logging in to your account where you can find server info, browse channels, use the desktop site, look for PFPs, host bots, server search, find easter eggs, create Discord groups, and a lot more.

Midjourney is a Discord bot created by Midjourney, Inc. They have created an artificial intelligence bot that generates text-to-image AI-generated images much like the AI bot called DALL-E. This Discord bot allows people to be able to create any image possible as far as their imagination stretches.

If you are looking to add this bot to your Discord server, you may be looking for the Midjourney Discord server. You can scroll below to find this Midjourney Discord server and join it right away to start generating images or to be able to add the bot to your own Discord server!

Midjourney Discord Server 2024

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Members: 17862279
Name: Midjourney

The official server for Midjourney, a text-to-image AI where your imagination is the only limit.

More About The MidJourney Discord Server

image generated by the Midjourney botMidjourney has been working tirelessly to be able to incorporate this bot into Discord servers worldwide. The bot is currently in beta testing mode and after being released to the public in July of 2022, made a wide array of images for people worldwide.

You can use this bot to generate any image you want as long as it is within the guidelines stated within the Discord server. If you try to violate any of the terms of service or bypass the guidelines, the bot may not generate the image you are looking for.

How To Use

The official Midjourney Discord server has over 15,708,187 current users who use the Discord bot every day. In case you are unaware of how to operate the Discord bot, these people are eager to help new users. There are also moderators present within the Discord server of Midjourney who you can ask for help or have them answer any questions about the bot you may have.

Rules of The Server

When you enter the Discord server, you will have to read through the rules of the Midjourney Discord. You can do so by going into the text channel marked as “#rules”. Under this rules section, you will find a list of basic rules you have to abide by in order to stay within the Discord server without getting banned.

You will also find the terms of service and the privacy policy of Midjourney for their bot which should clear up any information you require regarding the Discord bot. There is also a Prompt FAQ section in the Midjourney Discord where you can post in a community forum to have your questions looked at and answered by the developers of Midjourney.

In these forums, you can scroll through and search for previous questions which have already been answered. The admins of this forum have stated that you go through the previous response in the forum before posting a new query as it most likely has been answered before.

View AI Generated Images

To be able to view the AI-generated images, you can go to the newbie’s room that has been unlocked for you upon your joining the Discord server to view what other people have generated using the artificial intelligence technology of the Midjourey bot.

Now you should know everything there is to know about the Midjorney Discord server. So hop right into Discord and join the pool of over 15 million users!