Memes Discord Server [Reddit Community]

Here we have provided the relevant and most active Memes Discord server on DiscordServerLists. You can become a part of the Memes Discord community by clicking the button below and joining the public Discord server for free. The Memes Discord channel linked below can be accessed by logging in to your account where you can find server info, browse channels, use the desktop site, look for PFPs, host bots, server search, find easter eggs, create Discord groups, and a lot more.

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If you follow the meme culture closely, you may be aware of the subreddit called r/memes. This subreddit has been a crafter of amazing memes since 2008 and is more active than ever before.

In order to band the community from over on Reddit more closely, the creators as well as members have made an official r/memes Discord server that anyone who is a part of the Reddit community can join. You can find this server linked below.

Memes Discord Server 2024

Members: 155,129
Name: /r/Memes

Official /r/Memes Discord server, the original source of all memes since 2008 – Reddit

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More About The Memes Discord

The memes Discord server was popularized back in 2020 when due to the limitations present on Reddit, users could not easily communicate with each other. Since then, over 150,000 people have joined the Discord server to create an awesome community filled with meme-loving individuals.

Of course, because the community was created by Reddit users, there are trolls present within the Discord server who uphold the legacy of Reddit. But, to make sure these trolls do not go too far, the owners of the Discord server have laid out some ground rules for the community to follow.


Within the discord server, you will find a list of the rules that you must abide by in order to eliminate your chances of being in violation of any of them. To make it easier for you, we have listed the basic rules mentioned on the Discord server here for you to go through:

  • Disruptive and uncivil behavior on the server is not allowed.
  • Keep the general server content strictly PG-13, NSFW/NSFL content is unacceptable.
  • Stay on the topic where applicable.
  • Do not message the moderation team regarding subreddit matters.
  • LGBTphobia, furry phobia, xenophobia, ableism, sexism, racism, and hate speech (race, national/ethnic origins, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation) are prohibited.
  • Explicit, lewd, indecent imagery, gif, emote, sticker, link, website, ASCII, video & profile avatar/banner are not permitted. Heavy nsfw-oriented discussions & baiting memes are not permitted.
  • Text, emote, stickers, links, files, ASCII, mentions, gifs, text walls & chain-post (repost if) are not permitted.
  • Discord invites, mass invites, heavy advertising in bio/status & directing attention from members to profile are prohibited.
  • Graphic IRL gore, animal cruelty, CP, suicide/death/shooting videos or imagery, doxxing, leaking sensitive information of a user, IP grabbers, death threats, bestiality/zoophilic NSFW content & misusing No Access (such as trolling & false pinging roles) Piracy, malicious files (discord crusher & viruses of any kind), memes about tragic events, pipe bomb instructions, drugs instructions, etc. are not permitted.
  • Toxicity, arguments, disturbing imagery & video (with the intent to shock) are prohibited
  • Any form of slur is prohibited. Any form of incitement to self-harm is strictly prohibited.

On the Discord server, the severity of each rule is categorized as L (Light), M (Medium), and H (High). The decision on what punishment you receive for each of the following rules broken is in the hands of the moderators.


Since the Discord Memes community wants to prevent any trolls from entering, they have a verification method in place for when you first enter the Discord server. Once you enter the Discord server, you will receive a DM from the bot called “Double Counter”.

From here, under the headline named status, you can click the verify button in order to get our verification process started. Once you have done so, you will be walked through the process of what needs to be done in order to complete your verification.

Upon completing the steps, you can freely use the Discord server however you like!