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Being one of the most famous YouTubers not only in the UK but the entire world, KSI has made a name for himself through his various entertainment sources. The man has done it all when it comes to boxing, YouTube videos, music, NFTs, and much more.

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It seems like he is reaching for the moon and getting closer every day. Now because of this work ethic that dazzles people, he has gained millions of loyal fans around the world who are willing to learn more not only about him but other like-minded individuals. For this to be possible, a Reddit from KSI was introduced.

However, as Reddit grew larger and larger every day, people started to want more of a space where they can communicate in without the barriers of not being able to reply. For this purpose, the KSI Reddit Discord server was made.

Here people from all around the globe gather to celebrate not only KSI himself but also his successes. You can join this KSI Discord server by scrolling below.

KSI Discord Server 2024:

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Members: 31,677
Name: r/ksi

Check out the r/ksi community on Discord – hang out with 31667 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

More About The KSI Discord Server:

With over 31,000 members who have joined to date, the Discord server seems to keep gaining more and more traction every day. However, this exponential growth was somewhat expected as the Discord server by KSI was created for his Reddit community which has over 2.6 million members.

Is KSI in The KSI Discord server?

No, if you want to contact KSI, unfortunately, you will not be able to find him within this Discord server. The reason for this KSI Discord server is simply to collectively come together in order to make a friendly community that stems from the KSI SubReddit.

What Does This KSI Discord Offer?

Through this Discord server, you can find the chat mods who are also the moderators in the KSI Reddit. Furthermore, this Discord server accepts applications for the moderators found within the Reddit community.

So, if you also want to become a moderator in the KSI Reddit community, you can simply fill out the application and try out your luck. Moreover, it is also possible to post your KSI-related artwork, self-promote, post memes, predict the winner of upcoming boxing fights, and more!

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Rules and Regulations:

Before you hop on into the KSI Discord server, there are some general rules you will need to abide by. These rules are extremely easy to follow and include no NSFW, unnecessary mod pings, discrimination, and some other basic rules that are found in any large Discord community.

The KSI subreddit community is extremely friendly and welcoming so as long as you are not toxic, there are little to no chances of you getting kicked off of the Discord server for KSI.

More About KSI:

Born on 19 June 1993, KSI or JJ Olatunji is an English YouTuber who started his journey on YouTube nearly a decade ago. This YouTuber has done it all. From YouTube beef, music, and YouTuber boxing to now owning a company called “Prime”.

It is safe to say KSI has gained all of his success due to his hard work ethic. It was not an easy journey but because of his dedication and hard work, there are millions who look up to him and watch him every time he does something worthy of being put into the spotlight.

The guy started out by making FIFA content on his YouTube channel alongside his brother Deji. Now he has expanded his content far beyond FIFA and even created a group called the Sidemen.

The brand Sidemen consists of various other successful YouTubers who now have a premium subscription service called Side+, a restaurant chain known as Sides as well as a vodka brand known as XIX Vodka.

Because of these successes, they have stayed extremely relevant in the eyes of the public, and KSI, having the most influence out of all of them, has gained further popularity as a result.

If you want to check out KSI’s YouTube channel where he uploads once or twice a week, you can check it out here.

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Now that you know all there is to about KSI and the KSI Discord server, you can go ahead and scroll up and join the server.