Dark And Darker Discord Server 2023 [Gaming Community]

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Dark and Darker is a battle royale video game set to be released in late 2023. The developers of this game have created immense hype around the game and even built a community around it.

From Twitter to Discord, every platform has people wanting to play this game as soon as it comes out. If you are one of these people and want to discuss the different aspects of said game, you can join the Dark and Darker Discord server by scrolling below.

Dark and Darker Discord 2023

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Members: 394,330
Name: Dark and Darker

The official Dark and Darker Discord community!

More About Dark and Darker Discord

With over 400,000 active members in Discord, the game has taken the world by storm in terms of creating hype. The game has been developed by South Korean studio Ironmace who recently released a playtest version of it in April for fans of the game to try out.

How To Join

We have made joining the Discord server listed above extremely simple for your convenience. Scroll up and locate the “Join This Server’ button and tap it. You will then be redirected to the official invite to the Discord server.

From here, you can click the “Join” or “Continue’ button to be entered into the server. Now go ahead and explore the different text and voice channels Discord has to offer.


Upon entering the Discord server listed above, you will be greeted with the rules text channel. The Dark and Darker moderators have listed a set of 18 rules that everyone needs to abide by in order to minimize their chances of getting booted off the server. Some of the most important rules are as follows:

  • Be courteous in your interactions with others in our community and avoid conflict. Avoid talking about politics, religion or other issues that may be controversial.
  • Slander, whether direct or concealed/veiled, is an offense against another person. It includes (but isn’t limited to) statements made against an individual’s intelligence or ability, as well as slander (a false or slanderous statement that harms another person’s reputation).
  • Anti-black, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, pro-Christian, pro-Jewish, pro-Muslim, pro-LGBTQ, pro-Kashmiri, pro-Khalifa, pro-Zionist, pro-Lebanese, pro-Kurdish, pro-Maoist, pro-Trotskyist, pro-Hindu, pro-Koran, pro-Kerry, pro-Manchurian, pro-Bolshevik, pro-Zhokistani, pro-Maltese, pro-Sikh, pro-Buddhist, pro-Palestinian, pro-DACA, pro-Korean, pro-Chinese, pro-Iran, pro-Russian, pro-Saudi, pro-Hizbullah, pro-Hazmatist, pro-Balkan, pro-Lashashnikov, pro-Timbukhi, pro-Tibetan, pro-Bromilitarist, pro-Sharia, pro-Basharista, pro-Teflikh, pro-Sextarmist, pro-
  • No NSFW content.
  • There will be no spam or self promotion. In case of mass spam attacks, immediate bans will be issued to those who participate in it. You can self promote your video content on the ⁠ share-content channel.
  • No bots or alts or impersonating staff.
  • For the sake of consistency, messages should only be posted in English, except on designated language channels.
  • Please always adhere to staff guidelines. The moderation team has the authority to remove/deactivate any user from the Community if deemed necessary by the server.
  • If your link doesn’t meet any of these criteria, it will be deleted. Links can only be shared from: YouTube Twitch Reddit Imgur Other sources that are considered “trusted” by a Warden Special Requests to Share Links of Fan-Made Content from a Source That Isn’t Listed
  • You are not allowed to share any data mined from the game. You are also not allowed to talk about setting up or running private servers.

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Legal Trouble:

The game recently ran into some legal issues with Nexan, another South Korean game development company which resulted in the game being taken off Steam.

However, the team behind Dark and Darker is trying their best to reinstate the game back on Steam for its official release. You can keep up with the news of the ongoing legal battle from within the Discord server for Dark and Darker.