Synapse X Discord Server [Updated Invite Link 2023]

Synapse X discord

After you look at my servers, it will prompt you to join the Discord and say you’ve been invited to join and it will say you’ve failed to load, but you’re now in the Discord server as you will be able to see. I just fiddled around with it for a while to figure it out and I just figured it out. I’ve been experimenting with the synapse x discord and it has changed. Delete the Discord folder in the authentication folder, and then just go into your folder and launch Synapse and you’re in Discord. It’s pretty simple, don’t have to delete everything, just remove the Discord text file from the authentication folder.

Please Scroll down to get the link to the Discord server

NOTE: If "Join Server" Button doesn't work once then Press it again, it will Work

This Discord server is quite hard to come by so I have linked to it below you can go ahead and join it for free. The people on the server will help you with any assistance that is necessary just go and ask for it.

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Members: 4,754
Name: Synapse X Hangout


A very cool server it has voice communication and every thing
you can talk about synapse or anything you would like please join

You can find support for Synapse in the Synapse X discord server so go ahead and join the server so you can go ahead and enjoy it to its full potential.