Escape From Tarkov Discord Servers [Updated 2023]

Although many people might think that that isn’t okay as there was already an unofficial discord server, there is no reason why the unofficial and the official can’t coexist so I’ll put a link below about the official discord server.  With discord, you can enter a private room and communicate with other people as if it were a real conversation. This can be done using the voice chat function of the program so that you’re able to engage in voice conversation instantly with whoever you’re going to play with. This is a good addition, therefore.

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Any official one would be a good idea anyway, plus it gives him the chance to ask anyone about the game he has a question about, not that we would all get an answer. It might make them take notice a bit faster if plenty of people are mentioning that they are having the same issue. At least it might get them to take a look at the issue a bit quicker. You can verify your identity before you join this discord server by providing your phone number. With a phone number entered here, a 6-digit code is generated that verifies your identity and asks you to log on. That’s just an additional layer of protection they’re adding. I think it’s an attempt to cut some of that out that they are bringing a certain amount of toxicity with them.

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Escape From Tarkov Discord Servers:

English (UK + USA):

The most friendly community that welcomes people from around the world.

Members: 51,464
Name: UEFT Community


Escape From Tarkov #1 discord server.

Members:  3,446
Name: Tickle Me Pink’s Cult


Welcome to the Tickle Me Pink’s Cult Discord Server!!! We’re happy to provide a gaming environment for people of all walks of life and encourage people to join and play with us. Our admin team is very active and plays with the community. The head of our community is Tickle Me Pink and he’s a sponsored Borderlands content creator as well as an Escape From Tarkov sensation. come join us, see what we’re about, and click on heads with us!

Members: 5,474
Name: The Squat – Escape from Tarkov


Escape from Tarkov most active and positive Discord Community

100% EFT
We have 24h/7 activity
Unique Bots
Active but non-intrusive administration
12000 minutes of Voice Activity EVERYDAY

Members: 5,722
Name: 20R Gaming


20R Gaming is an organization that promotes online,
multiplayer gaming through quality events, servers, and
services for both the amateur and professional player base.

The unmatched quality, casual & competitive experiences for our
members — achieved through years of experience, strong administrative
foundations, and most importantly, by putting the communities and
members first.

With long-established precedent to recognize and foster the growth of
up-and-coming talent, the vast amount of 20R Gaming’s competitive rosters
have occupied a commanding place over the last six years. 20R continues to
showcase such talent via popular streaming channels, game-wide events,
and across various Esports scenes.

Since our beginnings in 2014, 20R has hosted professional competitive
matches and has organized thousands of unique events; with a long sustained
player-base, 20R Gaming continues to bring the same incredible events to our
internal communities and the related public.

Founded in February 28th 2014 as the 20th Regiment of Foot.

Stemming from Mount and Blade Warband yet we eventually branched out
towards Multi-Gaming. 20R Gaming Community strives to provide quality experiences for its members through its divisions across a multitude of games.

This is achieved through our years of experience, offering a strong foundation for our members to express their creativity. Focusing on quality, every member is valued and represents the 20R as a whole.

Join us at:

Members: 4,657
Name: GruntLife Gaming


GruntLife Gaming was established to bring together a family of gamers who are passionate, competitive and just want to have a good time. The name Gruntlife is rooted from the founder’s service as Infantryman or “grunts” and thus a Veteran friendly organization. With a growing disgust for communities with an overly cluttered and basic system of bringing in and maintaining members we have come up with a different approach for people who just want to play and have fun. If you are accepted as a member of our exclusive group, you will automatically be given a fair vote on all matters pertaining to the future actions of the community, be given free reign to produce content, face no recruitment deadlines and become apart of a family that has a drive to succeed. Must be 18+ to join.

Members: 51,464
Name: Impera Discord


Ave potential Legionnaire!
We want you to join our discord.
3500+Players|Max Level Discord|50+Custom Emojis|

We are a open and unrestricted community to players from all walks of life and experiences. We have international players, military veterans, experienced players, noobs, boomers, and youngsters. We take pride in being welcoming to every type of player in the games you play and offering them a friendly team to play together with. Our players have donated more than a thousand dollars to our community and our discord is 30+ boosts! We are thriving.

Who Are We?:
We are a highly organized tactical realism focus administration that has very relaxed policy on a friendly discord. This makes us exceptional with allowing players who wish to have extreme tactics and cohesion to reach their highest potential, but also simply allowing people who just want to kick back and play some games with good friends to play in those same groups.
We take pride in our Roman Legion themed nomenclature and discord graphics and take it quite seriously when it comes to titles, rankings, and server-made documents. We think that this makes us stand out from your ‘average serious gaming discord’ and we think you will like it too!

Who Are You?:
To us, you are a potential warrior. We want to train you, we want to work with you, and we want to have you fly the Impera Banner with a well organized and cohesive team.
Here are some of the things we are looking for:

The ability to properly and cleanly communicate in comms.
A mature and level-headed disposition.
Willingness to banter and enjoy unserious chatter outside of serious games.
The ability to work effectively with a team.
A friendly attitude that places the team over all else.
Does this sound like you? Join today!

Extra Information:

All of our players are removed within a month of inactivity, so you can count on us to all be active and willing to team with you!
We provide a sense of community that no other gaming discord will grant.
We have a very relaxed administrative and rule structure to allow for a friendly environment to all people.
Custom community generated content such as guides, roles, special custom made events, and streams.
Need further persuasion? Please feel free to message any of our experienced Leadership members or Centurions(officers) within our discord. We will be more than happy to talk to you, and teach you!

Arabic (Arabia):

A fairly small community of individuals who have come together and built a community around the game. It is quite small so everyone seems to know each other. Extremely respectful community with little to no toxic people in voice chats.

Members: 2,035
Name: Escape from Tarkov Arabic


سيرفرالشرق الاوسط للعبة الهروب من تاركوف يمكنك ان تجد اشخاص للعب معهم او حتى المساعدة اذا كنت جديد في اللعبه و سوف تجد كل المعلومات التى سوف تساعدك في اللعب .مثل الخرائط و معلومات عن المهام المطلوبه منك داخل اللعبه

Spanish (Spain):

An extremely active and well-behaved Discord server with a little loose moderation. Over 5 thousand members who are well acquainted with each other.

Members: 5,546
Name: ¿Jugamos o qué? | Tarkovitas


Escape From Tarkov #1 discord server.

Portuguese (Brazil):

The second-largest community within Escape from Tarkov. It has a very friendly environment with a non-toxic policy. People are online at every hour of the day and all of them speak Portuguese.

Members: 7,436
Name: Escape from Tarkov Brasil EFTCBR


Uma comunidade Brasileira de Escape From Tarkov, aqui você encontrará amigos para jogar com você e instrutores para te ajudar a começar no jogo.

Nossa comunidade está aqui a mais de quatro anos, com uma grande equipe administrativa um discord bonito e organizado.

Além disto temos um ecosistema integrado de pessoas que estarão jogando Tarkov, divulgando Streamers e outros criadores de conteudo.