Risk Of Rain 2 Discord Servers [Most Active Communities]

risk of rain 2 discord

Risk of rain 2 is pretty much just risk of rain one but in a 3d graphics engine and turn into a satisfyingly punishing third-person shooter and the most shocking part is it’s still in early access and already more than worth the 30 bucks they’re asking for. If you haven’t yet, get a free copy of the game to give to one of your buddies to enjoy the game together.

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Now you might be thinking, I have no buddies to give the game to. So do not worry as in this article there are Discord servers you can join to play the game with and make buddies! The game is extremely fun with people and if you do not have anyone to enjoy the game with, you can now go ahead and join these Discord servers to meet new people and play with them every day. They have text channels and voice chats that are open and filled to the teeth every time of every day so you can enjoy playing the game you desire with everyone willing to play Risk of rain 2.

There are fandoms out there that screech so loud you can’t tell it has any redeeming qualities but while most of the time the internet likes to focus on negative fandoms and the negative aspects of certain communities we’re here to perform some justice and shine a spotlight on some game communities that are you know just normal and actually nice rather than being just completely boring or offensive. The community I am talking about is Risk of Rain 2. The people are extremely welcoming and friendly and willing to help everyone. There are little to no trolls in the Discord because of the amazing moderators too! Join these communities now by clicking one of the Discord servers below!

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Risk Of Rain 2 Discord Servers 2024:

List of all the most active and welcoming Risk of Rain servers:

English (USA + UK)

The English-speaking community is large and they are online to play at every time of the day/people are drinking and overall enjoying the game within the servers. The servers are mostly 13+.

Members: 181
Name: ree

Members: 93
Name: Captain’s Rally Point

Members: 40
Name: Risk of Switch

Members: 31

Members: 152

Members: 113
Name: Quest For Rain

Russian (Russia)

The Russian Risk of rain 2 Discord servers are quite small but online 24/7. You will find friendly people looking to play with each other every day and having fun. Join them for a blast if you speak Russian now!

Members: 95
Name: LaiM Search

Members: 24

Italian (Italy)

The Italian community is quite small so everyone is well acquainted with each other. The moderation is quite loose and they have game nights and giveaways on the server frequently.

Members: 86
Name: Risk of Rain 2 – ITALIA