Pokimane Discord Server [Active 2024]

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Pokimane, also known as Imane to her close friends and family, is arguably the biggest Female Twitch streamer on the platform. With over 9.2 million followers and growing, Pokimane has undoubtedly set a standard of what can be achieved through hard and smart work.

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She now has hundreds of thousands of die-hard fans who have been following her for years now. Around her content, a community has formed that is growing daily. Pokimane has a Discord server made by moderators to accommodate this community and bring it closer.

In this Pokimane Discord server, you can find her occasionally being active, getting announcements of upcoming events, and more. If you want to become a part of the Pokimane Discord community, you can scroll below and click the “Join This Server” button.

Pokimane Discord Server 2024:

Check out Pokimane’s official community Discord server here:

Members: 142,699pokimane discord pfp
Name: Pokimane’s Server

You’ve been invited to join Pokimane’s Server. Join for a fun time.

More About The Pokimane Discord Server:

At the age of just 26, Pokimane gained unimaginable fame because of her dedication to her Twitch followers. It is because of the recognition of this dedication that so many followers have started following and watching Pokimane’s Livestreams religiously.

If you want to become a part of this amazing Pokimane community, her Discord server is the best place for you to start. There, you will be able to meet like-minded people who will be willing to help you with any queries about the Discord server or Pokimane.

If you are looking to reach out to Pokimane through this server, please note that she does not reply to any DMs. If you have something important to say, you can reach out to the moderators on the Discord server who can relay your message to Pokimane if it is important enough.

How To Join The Pokimane Discord:

Joining the Discord server by Pokimane is extremely trouble-free and straightforward. To begin, you can scroll up and locate the “Join This Server” button.

In that section, we have included the server name, member count, description of the server, and the Discord server profile picture to give you a better idea of what you can expect when joining the server.

You can click the “Join This Server” button which will redirect you to the official Discord application. here, you will need to press the “Join” button which will automatically enter you into the Discord server by Pokimane.

Please note that once you are on the Pokimane Discord server, you will be asked to verify yourself.  All you have to do is read the rules and react to the purple “Tick” emoji which will then unlock the text as well as voice channels to you.

Rules Of The Pokimane Discord:

When you first enter, it is essential that you read the rules before heading into the Discord server. This will not only ensure that you accidentally do not break any rules but will also keep you from getting kicked off of the server.

We have included some of the rules in the Pokimane Discord server below for you to go through. After reading these, you will be well equipped to go into the Discord server and start making friends:

  • Disruptive behavior and hate speech will not be tolerated.
  • Keep it Safe For Work. This includes usernames, nicknames, and avatars.
  • Be mindful of channels and their uses.
  • This is an English-speaking server. Please keep all conversations in text or voice channels in English.
  • Advertising is prohibited.
  • Please avoid discussions around controversial topics.

If you follow all the simple rules above, there is little to no chance of you getting banned from the server.


How To Get Full Access To The Server?

To get full access to the official chat on the Discord server, you will have to chat in the #newcomers text channel until you reach level 5. To get to level 5, you will have to send between 46 and 77 messages.

You will be awarded experience once every minute so do not try spamming to complete the quota. Ideally, it takes almost 58 messages to get to Level 5. That equates to an hour of chatting before you get full access to the text channels in the Pokimane Discord server.

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What Does The Pokimane Discord Offer?

There are multiple perks to joining this Discord server. You will get access to text channels such as fan art, gaming LFG, and more. Furthermore, you get to become a part of the amazing community around Pokimane’s content.

Pokimane also has roles for her Twitch subscribers in the server which can get you free access to the voice chat hangouts and more.

If you are looking for updates on Pokimane’s life, when she goes live, and any events coming up, you will also be able to find those in the #announcement tab in the Pokimane Discord.

Moreover, there are multiple bot games on the server such as gambling that you can get access to, in order to have fun with the community. If that sounds like what you have been looking for, this Discord server is perfect for you.

More About Pokimane:

If you are going to be joining her Discord server, it is better to know Pokimane before you do so. Imane “Pokiman” Anys is a member and co-founder of the gaming and social entertainment group.

This group of friends includes Disguised Toast, Michael Reeves, Lilypichu, Yvonne, Brodin, Scarra, Quarterjade, Sydney, Masayoshi, and many others. Over the years, she has built an unbreakable bond with these people and grew with them.

After starting streaming in 2013, she quickly bought her first PC after reaching the Plat rank in League of Legends. This is where she met her now good friend Lilypichu.

They started to interact more and more until they met other members of the OfflineTV group. They then decided to create this group and all of them have grown to become some of Twitch’s finest streamers. If you want to learn more about Pokimane’s life, you can check it out here.