Valorant Discord Servers 【Largest Communities】

valorant discord servers

I’ve played a fair amount of solo queue myself. To really understand that teammates can either be insane or really bad I’ll either get put with smurfs or put against people who have just figured out that left click is shoot. This list has discord servers where you can go and you can look for teams, for example, they have LFG casual NA, competitive NA LFG, casual EU, LFG competitive EU, and all those good stuff.

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Basically, this allows you to go in and find people you want to play with or find people who are doing the same thing as you. you can similar rank queue up with teammates that you know have a mic and are communicating and have some sense of the game because they wouldn’t be in Discord for the game if they didn’t have it. This means you can actually play with people also wanting to rank up with you. These Discord servers are public to all so you can join right now and get started.

But before hopping right into a voice chat, make sure to read the rules as some of them have extremely strict ones. Doing this will eliminate any threat of you getting kicked or potentially banned for life off of the servers. And even if you are looking to play with people casually, these servers also have people and channels that cater to that audience such as yourself. So do not get dishearten as this is not only for the sweats but also for people looking to have fun with their friends or strangers.

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Valorant Discord Servers 2023:

Here is a list of the largest Valorant communities around the world:

English (USA + UK)

Largest communities when it comes to Valorant. Most of these servers are inclusive of but not limited to Valorant. Their moderation is a bit loose so there are some trolls in the servers. They host giveaways and community events every day.

Members: 156,901
Name: The Hideout | Social • Chatting • Nitro • Emotes • Emojis • DankPIRATES OF NO MAN’S SKY

Members: 31,340
Name: VALORANT ASCENT – Competitive Discord

Members: 29,307


VALORANTPRO is your prime HUB for VALORANT competitive, esports and pro activities. Find the best scrims and network with the best players in our Discord.


Members: 49,239
Name: Game & Chill

Members: 25,582
Name: Social Gaming | Anime • Emotes • Fun

French (France)

Second largest community after English speaking. They are welcoming to everyone and everyone is looking to have fun. They are strict of their rules.

Members: 68,480
Name: GAMFRS – Multigaming

Members: 41,937
Name: FFR Tournois / Scrims

Filipino (Philippines)

Friendly community with even friendlier moderators. Go ahead and join them for a lifetime of fun. They are available to play 24/7.

Members: 46,529
Name: Crewmates PH

German Deutsch (Germany)

The only large german server with thousands of members looking to play every day. They host events and giveaways every week.

Members: 39,306