Valheim Community Servers [Largest Communities]

valheim community server

Valheim has been around for years now and has a player base of thousands who come back to the game every day to play. These players have built a community around the game in which they partake.

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These community servers have blown up over the years and multiple people have created their own community Discord servers for people to join and be a part of. These Valheim Discord servers are public for anyone to join and are home to thousands of people around the world.

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Valheim Community Servers 2023:

Here is a list of all the most active and famous Valheim Discord community servers:

English (USA + UK):

The English-speaking community is not only the largest community in the world but also the most active. Join them to have a fun time!

Members: 204,267
Name: Valheim

The official discord server for the viking survival game Valheim

Members: 20,379
Name: TK Valheim – ICARUS

This is the most insane Valheim Discord Server highlighting; own committed servers for all locales, dynamic LFG, Tournaments and more.

Members: 5,370
Name: Comfy Community

The largest Valheim server in the world!

Members: 1,749
Name: Valheim Roleplay

We are a whitelisted roleplaying server focused on players having fun stories. Meet other vikings.

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Dutch (Netherlands):

The Dutch speaking valheim community might be smal, but they are one of the most active bunch in the scene.

Members: 1,455
Name: Valheim – Deutsch

Erster deutschsprachige Valheim Discord Server. Betrieben durch das Zenial Network von der Community für die Community.

Turkish (Turkey):

The Turkish community is friendly but only if you abide by their set of rules. If you are joining, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Members: 1,036
Name: Valheim Türkiye

Henüz yeni piyasaya sürülmüş bir hayatta kalma oyunu olan Valheim, içerisinde aynı zamanda birçok RPG ögelerini barındırır.

More About Valheim Community Servers:

Valheim is a brutal survival experience inspired by Viking culture. If you’re familiar with ark survival evolved or rust, you’ll be accustomed to how harsh surviving in those games can be at times.

But while Valheim is a survival game at its core, it isn’t particularly punishing in the sense that resource gathering, and starting your first base is fairly straightforward, and obtaining the basic tools needed to chop down trees and build a workshop only takes a few minutes.

Valheim does a lot of hand-holding too. Outlining how to craft different items and gathering new resources every step of the way. It’s also forgiving when it comes to staying alive because the food you gather doesn’t rot over time and there isn’t the constant nag of being thirsty for water.

valheim wallpaper

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How Valheim Works:

Valheim still makes you deal with hunger but not in a punishing way. Instead, food boosts your health over time, and eating different foods adds additional layers next to your health bar. The better the quality of food, the more health and stamina stats increase over a certain duration of time.

Adventuring can still take. Its toll on you though and spending too much time outdoors can result in you suffering from the cold, which impacts your health or you might get caught in a storm while hunting, and being soaked through will juice both stamina and health regeneration.

Valheim’s difficulty lies in the enemies and the world itself, not managing resources. and with its focus on PvE rather than PVP, you can feel safe knowing not everyone on the server is out to get you or destroy your base.

This game is fun when played with other people. So if you want to explore about learn more about the game and how to play it, you can join the Discord servers mentioned above in order to get the best chance at getting people to play with you.