Timthetatman Discord Server [Active 2024]

Starting streaming in 2012, Timthetatman has gained over seven million followers on his Twitch account. First getting his start by playing games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and CS: GO, the live streamer and YouTuber has been able to make a large and wholesome community around his content.

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Now he streams to an average viewer count of 35,000 people worldwide and mainly plays Apex Legends as well as COD Warzone. There are thousands who tune into his stream every day and want to become a part of his amazing community.

Timthetatman Discord Server 2024:

Check out the official Timthetatman Discord server here:

Members: 71,125timthetatman discord pfp
Name: tatmanarmy

To connect your Twitch account and receive sub perks visit the #read-me text channel which displays easy instructions.

More About The Timthetatman Discord:

Timothy John Betar has amassed many achievements in his life such as becoming a monster energy athlete. But one of the best things he has done for his community alongside his philanthropy is actually building a community in his Discord server.

This Discord server now has more than 71,000 members in it who are all active within the Discord server and actively participating in the event,s giveaways, and movie nights being hosted within the Discord server by Timthetatman’s moderators.

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How To Join The Timthetatman Discord:

Joining the Discord server by Timthetatman is extremely easy. All you need to do is click the “Join This Server” button which has been linked above.

After doing so, you will automatically be redirected to another window (either the Discord application or Discord website) where you can click the “Join” button to enter onto the server

From there, you will first need to verify your phone number if you have not done so already, and then get chatting on the Discord server.

If you are one of them, joining the Timthetatman Discord server is probably your best bet at getting into his community and learning about them.

It is recommended that you go over the rules of the Discord server upon entering it to avoid any miscommunication between you and the Timthetatman Discord moderators.