Summit1g Discord Server [Twitch & YouTube Communities]

Jaryd Russell Lazar, also known as Summit1g by his online followers is one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the gaming industry. With an average of 20,000 people watching him every time he goes live, he has definitely become somewhat of a celebrity for many.

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Because of the millions of Twitch followers and YouTube subscribers he has, a community around his content has been built.

This community consists of like-minded people and to accompany these people, summit1g, along with his moderators, has gone ahead and created a Summit1g Discord server for his fans to join.

This Discord server is public for anyone to join and is home to over 37,000 members. If you are looking to learn more about the community or want to become a part of it, joining this Discord server will be a good start.

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Summit1g Discord Server 2023:

Check out the official Discord server for Summit1g here:

Members: 37,400
Name: 1G SQUAD

Join my Discord server for a fun time gaming and hanging out with fellow fans 🙂

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More About The Summit1g Discord:

With over 37,000 members who are currently participating in the Discord server by Summit1g, there are always people active within the server who are looking to chat, game, and hang out.

There are several texts and voice chats you can join on the Discord server in order to become a part of the community. The people in the 1G squad Discord server are extremely friendly and will welcome you with open arms if you type in the general text chat.

Rules Of The Summit1g Discord:

When first joining the Discord server, please take some time to go over the rules of the Discord server. Every server has its own set of rules and this Discord server is no exception.

You can read these rules by going over to any text channel in the Discord server and clicking the “Complete” button on the button right. From here you will be presented with a window with all the current rules which you can go over.

It is after you agree to these rules that you will be able to go ahead and start chatting with the community.

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What Does The Summit1g Discord Offer?

The Summit1g Discord contains multiple text channels based on different genres that people enjoy talking about. For example, you can find a Valorant section where you can talk about the game, look for a group, and more.

In this server, you will also find gambling channels that let you gamble with friends using a Discord gambling bot. Furthermore, you will also be presented with a choice to assign yourself a role color. You can do this by scrolling to the Bots sub-section in the Discord server for Summit1g.