Stardew Valley Discord Servers [Find New Friends]

stardew valley discord servers

So what is Stardew valley? Well aside from being one of the very best bargains you’re ever gonna find for a game on Steam at almost 60 thousand overwhelmingly positive reviews for a game that’s under $20, it is a simple farming game at its core but it’s also so much more than that there is an entirely unique world to explore a lot of which you need to unlock to even see. It’s all carefully planned out and uniquely designed that way no one area feels like any other I know the first thing that most new players do is wander around to pick up all the cool stuff you can find laying all around the map.

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This changes area to area and season to season but what would this big map be without a charming town is centered around in all the unique NPCs to fill it in except this one from our hungry friend Linus he prefers to be in the outdoors to a reclusive basement-dwelling vampire to our dim-witted blonde and her drug-abusing sister. Every character in this game feels absolutely unique. In no way do they feel copy-pasted again and again, no one feels like the other they talk differently they actively the responses are different they look different too.

There are Discord servers for Stardew valley you can join to play with others like yourself. These servers are linked down below if you want to join them. Go ahead and do that and make new friends in Discord.

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Stardew Valley Discord Servers 2023:

Here is a list of all active Stardew Valley Discord servers within 2023:

English (USA + UK)

The English-speaking community within Stardew Valley is quite large with thousands of active members looking to play with each other. There are no strict rules except for being respectful to everyone and the moderators are extremely friendly.

Members: 3,738
Name: Cozy Corner

Members: 2,000
Name: Wanderlost

Members: 3,954
Name: Official Plug Community

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Members: 1,634
Name: The Hideout

Members: 1,454
Name: The Stardrop Saloon

Members: 1,344
Name: Cozy Junimo Hut👾

Members: 874
Name: Stardew Valley 🌱

French (France)

The french community is small but dedicated. Everyone is well aquianted and welcoming. They are available to play 24/7.

Members: 900
Name: Stardew Valley France

Portuguese (Brazil)

The community might be small, but they still have moderators looking to help everyone out. They welcoming and play with new members. The moderation is quite strict so there are little to no trolls.

Members: 727
Name: Stardew Valley Brasil