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Shroud is a Canadian streamer and YouTuber who has formally been known for his amazing talents as a Counter Strike Global Offensive professional. The man took up gaming as a career path almost a decade ago and has gained over 10 million followers on Twitch and 6 million subscribers on YouTube.

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With fame, comes a community of people who start following you religiously. For these fans, Shroud has created a Discord server called the “Shroudcord” where his community members can come together and hang out.

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Shroud Discord Server 2024:

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Members: 45,236shroud logo
Name: Shroudcord

Hey! This is Shroud’s Discord server in case you want to join for gaming purposes.

More About The Shroud Discord:

Before joining the Shroudcord Discord server, there are some things you need to take into account. For example, before joining it is essential that you first go over the rules of the Discord server by Shroud. These rules, if not followed, can get you permanently banned from Shroud’s Discord server. Here are some of the rules that the Shroud Discord moderators have set forward:

  • Harassment of any kind will get you banned. Don’t be a jerk.
  • Be a decent human, respect others – it’s not that hard.
  • No spam, no scams, no selling anything here.
  • Topics that are not fit for #general need to be discussed in #seriousness – This includes (but is not limited to) most politics, world events, and subjects that may be too heavy for daily life.
  • Absolutely NO NSFW/NSFL – no gratuitous nudity, no gore, just no.
  • No self-promotion. This is not the server for that.

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If you follow all of these simple rules, you should fit into the Shroud community nicely. Please be respectful of everyone on the Discord server and have a fun time!