Roblox Discord Servers 【Active 2024】

Roblox has been around for more than a decade now. And it is no secret that this game is one of the biggest online platforms and storefronts where users go to play games. Although Roblox is not a game, but rather a platform where people can log on and play games made by developers. In 2020 alone, it was reported that more than half of kids who are under 16 in the United States played Roblox as a source of having fun with friends. Everyone seems to have caught the Roblox fever recently and for good reason.

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Officially launched on September 1, 2006, Roblox seems to have caught the world by storm by its amazing multiplayer game modes. However, there is a huge problem with Roblox in the sense that if you do not have anyone to play with and want to enjoy the game, it can get quite boring. That is why, in this list, we have compiled a list of Roblox Discord servers to join and meet new people.

Roblox Discord Servers:

These servers have thousands of members looking to play with each other at any time of the day. So you can hop right into one of these discord servers that you find fitting and go make some new friends. But joining a Roblox discord server link, make sure you thoroughly go through their rules and regulations to avoid getting banned or kicked for any reason. Make sure to be friendly and treat everyone with kindness inside these Roblox discord servers.

Members: 111,657
Name: Axiore Community

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Members: 59,464
Name: |BA| British Army

Members: 55,547
Name: Magnificent Murderers

Members: 28,264
Name: RBX Realm

Members: 26,447
Name: OTS

Members: 23,850
Name: the playhouse

Members: 33,850
Name: Multiverse Lounge

Members: 17,560
Name: Evergreen Forest ;; Roblox Hangout

Members: 18,365
Name: Ravenous


More Info on Roblox Discord Servers:

Chances are if you are here, you probably enjoy playing Roblox. But it can get annoying not having anyone to play with and have fun with. This was the reason we made this list of Roblox discord servers for you to join and make new friends in. Roblox has been a hit since it first came out but it is only truly fun with friends. 

The game took over the world in 2020 breaking all-time records searches for Roblox in its recorded history. Teens all over the world are going crazy for Roblox and it seems everyone has built a community around it. The game has over 33.4 million active users and growing every single day.

One of the most popular game modes on the Roblox database is the Jailbreak game mode. In this game mode, the players have to try and escape from prison without the other players catching on. It is a really fun and exhilarating game mode that everyone seems to enjoy.

In the Roblox Discord server list above, there are several Roblox server discords that host jailbreak games every single day. So make sure to join one of them for a lifetime of fun.

Roblox Voice Chats:

People also like to sit in voice chats with each other on Discord while playing the game Roblox. That is why in these servers, there are multiple voice chats that you can join to enjoy talking to your newly found friends. These voice chats are usually very chill and have a lot of benefits while playing games. But if you do not feel like being in a voice chat while playing Roblox, you can simply just join the server and chat with other Roblox enthusiasts just like yourself who also joined through a Roblox discord server link. There are also events held every single day such as giveaways and much more to reward the most active members of these discord servers.

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If you are looking to advertise and monetize your own Roblox game mode, these Discord Roblox servers also have advertisement sections where you can go ahead and market your own game mode for people to try! People have supposedly made upwards of a million dollars a year simply by monetizing their game modes and advertising them within Roblox discord server lists. Although some people say the Roblox server discord community is quite toxic, that is far from the truth. Everyone in the above-mentioned list is a friendly and well-behaved member of the community. All the Roblox dev discord servers mentioned above are very welcoming and non-toxic with the most active members.

Rules And Regulations:

Needless to say, there are thousands of possibilities of what you can do in these Discord Roblox servers. Make friends, advertise your game modes, play Roblox with strangers, and most importantly, have a ton of fun. So go ahead and get started on your journey of everlasting friendships and fun now!