Pewdiepie Discord Server [Official Server 2023]

Felix, better known as PewDiePie to his online followers, is a Swedish YouTube celebrity. Pewdiepie has been making YouTube videos for over a decade now. In that time, he has garnered the attention of over 100 million subscribers from around the world.

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Among these 100 million people, there are some dedicated fans who watch and enjoy every piece of content that Felix puts out. They have built a community around his content. To bring the community together, Pewdiepie has created a Discord server with the help of his moderators.

Pewdiepie Discord Server 2023

Join the official Pewdiepie Discord server here:

Members: 226,713
Name: PewDiePie | Floor Gang

The Official PewDiePie Discord Server!

This Discord server has over 200,000 members who are active and participate in the events of the Discord server. To become a part of the Pewdiepie Discord server, you can scroll below and click the “Join This Server” button.

More About The Pewdiepie Discord:

The Pewdiepie floor gang Discord server was created for his community who want to become a part of his Minecraft server as well as his general community.

If you have been watching Pewdiepie for a while, you might know that he loves the game Minecraft and occasionally plays it with his fans. This server would be the first step if you want to potentially join in on the fun of playing with Pewdiepie himself!

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There are certain rules you will have to abide by if you are looking to become a part of the official Pewdiepie floor gang Discord.

These rules are extremely simple and easy to follow. Be sure to go through them before verifying yourself on the server. We have listed these rules for you below in order to familiarize you with them:

  • Do not ping PewDiePie or Sive. Do not cold ping Staff, Verified YouTubers, or users that do not wish to be pinged.
  • Everybody is welcome here. We don’t tolerate discussing, mentioning, or posting anything that is hateful, illegal, or derogatory. This includes all variations of any ethnic slur.
  • Zero tolerance for discussing, mentioning, or posting anything that is NSFW/NSFL. This includes memes, animes, shows, etc.
  • No controversial topics. This includes politics, religion, “hot drama”, etc.
  • Self-promotion and advertising are not allowed. This includes DMs to people you don’t know as well.
  • This is an English-only server. No other languages.
  • The first few characters of your nickname need to start with English characters – no symbols or emotes.
  • No epilepsy-causing content. This means no flashy profile pictures, videos, emotes, gifs, etc.
  • Role or Tier shaming is not allowed.
  • No mini-modding. We appreciate it, but ping the @Urgent help role for any urgent issues in chat. All other questions or concerns can be handled by contacting staff at @Modmail.
  • No Impersonations of any Bots, Staff, or Verified YouTubers.
  • Members privileges: Appropriately use ||Spoiler|| tags. When streaming content, do not stream or show any content that is not appropriate for ages 13+. Additionally, any copyrighted content or paywall (Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) content is strictly prohibited in accordance with Discord’s Terms of Service.
  • Voice Chat Common Courtesy – Reduce background noise as much as possible with Discord’s noise suppression system in your Voice settings. Don’t purposely yell, scream, make horrible noises, etc. in voice chats to annoy people. If using the #︱????public-music, be sure to follow the pinned rules in the channel.
  • All the above rules are enforced for the entire server. This means chat rooms, Voice Chats, Events hosted by the PewDiePie Discord, etc.
  • Staff does have the final say. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules in the Pewdiepie Discord, contact the mods by direct messaging @Modmail.

As a final statement – anyone found to violate the Discord Terms of Service will be removed from the server and reported to Discord appropriately. This includes the use of Better Discord, planning raids, links that crash Discord, and more.

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How To Join The Pewdiepie Discord:

Joining the server has been made extremely easy by us. All you need to do is scroll up and find the Discord server section. here you will be able to read all about the server and view the description, member count, PFP, and more.

After doing so, you can click the “Join This Server” button. You will now be redirected to the official Discord application invite where you can press the “Join” button to officially be a part of the server.

Now that you are entered into the Discord server by Pewdiepie, you need to verify yourself by agreeing to the rules. Under the “Verify-Please” text channel, you can press the verify button to unlock all the text channels. Now hop on into the server and enjoy your time!