Nickmercs Discord Server [Official MFAM Server]

nickmercs discord

Being a former MLG National Champion, Nickmercs came into the Twitch streaming industry back in 2010, when the live streaming site was called

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He played Halo professionally and also built a career as a professional player of Gears of war. This is where he met his good friend Ninja and Timthetatman, who he trash-talked at the time.

Now he runs a multi-million dollar brand based around him after joining the popular gaming organization called “100 Thieves”. Because of the long time he has spent in the industry, he has made thousands of fans who enjoy and watch his content every week.

To house this community, Nickmercs has created a Discord server called the “MFAM” which currently has over 46,000 members. You can check this Nickmercs Discord server out below.

Nickmercs Discord Server 2024:

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Members: 46,483nickmercs discord pfp
Name: MFAM

it’s highly important that all of you are in this Discord server. It will be incredibly interactive, and lots of you will be involved. Join the Discord!

More About The Nickmercs Discord:

Before joining the Discord server, you may be wondering what the server will offer you and other members.

There are several perks to joining this Discord server such as the various text channels that cover a multitude of topics such as fanart, exclusive clips channels, and more where you can talk about everything you like about Nickmercs or otherwise.

Please note that you can only access the full array of text and voice channels once you have subbed to Nickmercs of Twitch. This costs less than 5 USD and gives you unlimited access to everything on the Nickmercs Discord server.

Once you have subscribed to him using your Twitch prime, here are the steps you will need to follow in order to get full accessibility to the Discord server by Nickmercs.

nickmercs holding a controller

How To Connect Your Twitch Account To Discord:

Open up your Discord application and head to the user settings tab. Here you will need to scroll and find the “Connections” section and tap on it.

Now simply click the Twitch icon and log in to your account to verify yourself. Restart your Discord and you should now be able to open up and chat in all the text as well as voice channels on the Nickmercs Discord server