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With over 100 million subscribers on YouTube, Mrbeast or Jimmy Donaldson has solidified his name as one of the biggest influencers of this era. Because of his growing fanbase and amazing talent for entertaining people, a community around his content has been formed.

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This community consists of people who love and watch his content every week and love talking about it whether it be about his gaming videos, challenges, or streams.

To bring this community of individuals together, Mrbeast has gone ahead and created a Mrbeast Discord server which has over 500,000 members who are active and participating in the Discord server.

If you are looking to learn more about Mrbeast and his community, this is a great place to start. You will find enthusiasts from all around the world who are willing to answer any queries you might have. Hop on into the Mrbeast Discord server by clicking the button below.

MrBeast Discord Server 2023:

Join the official Discord server by MrBeast by clicking the button below:

Members: 499,999
Name: MrBeast

The official MrBeast Discord server

More About The MrBeast Discord:

MrBeast started his Discord server back in 2019 when he first got his fame on YouTube. Now the Discord server houses people from around the world to make up a wonderful community of 500,000+ individuals. These people speak all languages and belong to different cultures.

One thing these people have in common is their love for MrBeast’s content. Anything you will ever need to know about MrBeast is included in the Discord server in the about section.


Since MrBeast’s content mainly consists of English, his Discord server for MrBeast fans is also in English. This is fone so people from around the world can communicate with each other without causing inconvenience to any other members.

If you speak a language other than English, there is a chance that you will get kicked from the server as one of the rules of the Mrbeast Discord includes chatting in English. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you only communicate in English, at least in text chats.

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What Does The MrBeast Discord Offer?

The Discord server has multiple text chats such as 3 general text channels as well as a video discussion page where you can drop your suggestions and views on MrBeast’s latest content. You can also use this channel to provide MrBeast’s team with video ideas.

They are always vigilant and looking for innovative ideas. There are multiple other channels such as an announcement and video feeds where you can get the latest news from MrBeast’s crew.

Rules of The MrBeast Discord:

The most important text channel in the Mrbeast Discord server is the rules section. Here, you will find a list of things you are not allowed to do on the Discord server such as being disrespectful. It is highly recommended that you go through these rules before hopping into the text channels.

This will make sure you accidentally do not break any rules that may get you banned from the MrBeast Discord.

MrBeast Gaming Discord Server 2023:

If you are looking for the gaming server from MrBeast and his team, you can scroll below and check it out:

Members: 799,997
Name: MrBeast Gaming

This is the Discord for MrBeast Gaming challenges!

About The MrBeast Gaming Discord:

The MrBeast gaming Discord server has over 800,000 members. This Discord server by MrBeast gaming is so huge because of the several events being hosted in it.

Whenever there is a MrBeast gaming YouTube video coming up that requires the community to come together, they are all picked from this Discord server.

Rules of The MrBeast Gaming Discord:

When joining this Discord server, please keep in mind the rules that are stated within the server. It is essential that you go over these rules and accept that you are liable for your actions.

These rules are extremely easy to follow and involve general rules which apply if you make it into one of MrBeast’s gaming YouTube challenges such as not sharing the event IP. Not complying with these sets of rules will result in an immediate ban from the MrBeast gaming Discord.

How To Play In The MrBeast Gaming Discord Server?

First, you will need to read all the rules stated on the Discord server by the moderators. After doing so, you can fill out the registration form found in the “how-to-play” section of the Discord server.

Please note that after filling out this form, you need to be patient as there are hundreds of thousands of other members who are also trying to get into the MrBeast Minecraft server.

If you are to be selected by the bot that will cycle through the applicants, it will be checked whether you are online or offline. If you are found to be offline, the bot will automatically disqualify you.

The cycling bot usually works 30 minutes before filming for a video starts and there is no schedule provided beforehand by the MrBeast gaming team.

If there is an issue with whitelisting that prevents you from entering the Minecraft server by MrBeast, it means that you have filled out the registration form incorrectly.

Spamming moderators if this occurs is not the way to go so your best bet will be to message them and wait for it to get resolved better luck next time.

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FAQ Section:

If you have any more questions about how the MrBeast gaming Discord server operates, you can refer to the questions and answers section within the Discord server.

This text channel will have any and all answers to your queries. This has been done so you are able to join the challenges without any hassle.