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MMA is a mixture of martial arts combined together. The reason I say this is because some people have opened up MMA gyms and they teach a few lots of things and call it MMA and it’s predominantly based on the popularity of the UFC and people trying to have shortcut ways to be good at mixed martial arts by doing 20 minutes of punching 20 minutes of wrestling. Getting in a cage buying all the gear and then they can tell their mates they do MMA. Now MMA is not that. MMA is doing martial arts in a dedicated way to a point of competency and then doing another martial art.

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Now if you want to take part in these talks about MMA or simply want to see people like you who train every day for the MMA, then this is the right place for you. Below you will find some Discord servers for MMA that you can join in order to talk with like-minded people who are also into MMA. They do regular viewing parties and much more even for small events. If you are looking for such servers you have come to the right place.

Go ahead and scroll down to find these Discord servers and join a bunch to enjoy their gifts. There are some rules you will need to follow if you end up joining one of these servers. Following these rules is necessary as not doing so will get you kicked or potentially banned off of the servers. There is mostly a rules tab that you can check out to make sure to abide by all the rules. Give this text channel a quick read and you should be good to go.

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MMA Discord Servers 2024:

List of MMA Discord servers you can join to watch every event:

Members: 126,921
Name: MMA Chat

Members: 60,375
Name: Boxing Chat

The largest boxing community on Discord. Come join us for every boxing match!

Members: 38,589
Name: The MMA Discord

Members: 7,459

Members: 2,600
Name: Fight Night

Members: 2,649

Members: 2,007
Name: The MMA Lounge

Members: 1,758
Name: Beyond Kickboxing

All things Kickboxing and Muay Thai! Talk Live Events and Training!