Maximilianmus Discord Server [Updated 2024]

maximilianmus discord server

Max Erik Andreas Lundgren, also known as Maximilianmus is a Swedish YouTuber who is a famous professional troll. The Youtuber created his first youtube channel on August 24th, 2011 but has grown most of his following from 2019 onwards. His previous youtube channel took off in 2014 because of the popular game called “Five Nights at Freddy’s” but that success was short-lived. Now this YouTuber has over a million subscribers with the majority of them coming from his Fortnite trolling videos. However, Maximilianmus came under fire in 2019 being accused of impersonating some streamers in an attempt to justify Twitch raids. Now since then, his YouTube channel has laid vacant with no videos being uploaded.

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This is why, in order to see what the YouTuber is up to, many people have been looking to join his Discord server which he created in his prime. This Discord server is still very active and well established with hundreds of online members. Now it is unclear if Maximilianmus will ever come back to YouTube, but his fans will never give up on the Discord server. Although this Maximilianmus Discord link does not seem to be the official Discord server Maximilianmus created as that server seems to now be deleted, this server is created by his dedicated followers. If you are one of the people looking to join his fans in this Discord server then go ahead and click the “Join The Server” button down below to get started!

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Maximilianmus Discord:

Members: 325
Name: Old Maximilian Empire

join for based people max is based and calm

More Info on the Maximilianmus Discord server:

It seems that after accusations of Maximilianmus came forward, that he has gone ahead and either deleted or privated his Discord server as well as YouTube videos. No one knows what happened to Maximilianmus or if he will ever make a comeback. His fans were left devastated when Max left his YouTube channel and Discord server to never return. But with the help of some community members, now they have their own Discord server in which they share a similar liking for Maximilianmus and his videos. These people play together and are online 24/7. They are extremely friendly and welcoming to everyone who wishes to join their fandom. So you can rest easy when joining this server.


If you are going to be joining this Maximilianmus Discord link, make sure you go ahead and read the rules first as they are very important. If you do not oblige to the rules, you will be at risk of getting banned or potentially kicked from the server. Make sure you abide by the rules of the server and you should be good to go. Now get cracking and join the Maximilianmus Discord server link now!