League Of Legends Discord Servers 【Active 2024】

League of legends is a team-oriented strategy game. The goal is to work together with your teammates to bring down the enemy nexus located in the middle of their base before your opponents take down yours. That sounds straightforward but how you get there isn’t. You’ll start by choosing one champion from a list of many. All of them have their own unique strengths and personalities some arranged marksmen pelting their opponents from a safe distance or burly fighters who like to get up in their opponents’ faces. others are arcane mages casting powerful spells to trap and damage their enemies.

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However, you like to get things done. There’s a champion out there to match your style during the game, champions get stronger in two ways the first of which is leveling up. You gain experience by being in the area when enemies die and each level of experience gives you an ability point. Assign these points as you level up to unlock all of your abilities and make them stronger.

Anyways, to play this game, you have to have a five stack. However, if none of your friends play the game, it can be quite hard to find people who enjoy the game as much as you. You can solo queue but that just ends up giving the most random and worst players. This is why the community has come together and made multiple LOL Discord servers for people to join. This gives players the opportunity to meet new people they want to play with while also communicating with them. These servers are friendly and welcoming to everyone even if you are a newbie. They provide any sort of help you may need and voice chats for you to join to play with strangers who are actually good at the game. Go ahead and join these League of legends Discord servers now!

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League Of Legends Discord Servers 2024:

A list of all the most active and largest League of Legends Discord servers you can join:

English (USA + UK)

The English-speaking community in a league of legends is the largest out of them all. There are people who enjoy the game and play it all the time on these servers and you will never get bored in these servers. If you are fluent in English, you will definitely find a good team to play with.

Members: 215,459
Name: Gamehag Community

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Members: 79,489
Name: Official Tyler1 Alpha Discord

Members: 31,673
Name: Tarzaned’s Jungle

Members: 31,225
Name: League of Legends EUNE

Members: 25,455
Name: League Community (League of Legends)

French (France)

A friendly and welcoming community of people enjoying themselves. There are little to no trolls because of the strict moderation. Be sure to read the rules before joining.

Members: 68,480
Name: GAMFRS – Multigaming

Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan)

Taiwan Discord servers are quite unusual. Especially ones related to gaming. But the LOL community within Taiwan is solid and has tons of members willing to play every day with each other.

Members: 54,793
Name: LOL英雄聯盟群🇹🇼 🇭🇰


Filipino (Philippines)

There are multiple LOL servers within the Philippines with thousands of people playing 24/7. They are friendly people and the moderators of these servers are actually quite friendly and play with the members as well.

Members: 20,795
Name: League of Legends PL

Members: 13,665
Name: Skibcusienko