LazarBeam Discord Server [YouTube Community]

LazarBeam, better known as Lannan, is an Australian YouTuber and internet celebrity. Over the years, he has gained a following of over 10 million loyal subscribers. These subscribers have now built a community around LazarBeam’s content.

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To bring these fans of Lazarbeam’s content together, Lannan has created a Discord server. In this Discord server, all of his fans can come together to enjoy his content and play games with each other. There are hundreds of thousands of active people on the Lazarbeam Discord server.

If you want to become a part of Lazarbeam’s Discord community, you can go ahead and click the “Join This Server” button by scrolling below:

LazarBeam Discord Server 2024:

Join the official Discord server by Lazarbeam here.

Members: 166,834
Name: Official Lazarbeam

Join the Official LazarBeam Discord Server! We hope you enjoy your time here with fans through events and more!

More About The LazarBeam Discord:

With over 166,000 members on the Discord server, Lazarbeam has an impenetrable fanbase that is active and participating in his Discord server. To join this Discord server, you must be compliant with every rule that has been put forth by the moderators.

If you are found to be in violation of any of these rules, there is a chance that you may be banned from the Discord server for life. We have mentioned these Discord server rules below for you to go through.

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Rules Of The LazarBeam Discord:

Here are all of the rules you will need to abide by once you are entered into the Lazarbeam Discord. They are extremely easy to follow so make sure to go through them very quickly to eliminate any risk of getting kicked from the LazarBeam Discord server.

  • Don’t be rude or toxic to other members of the Lazarbeam Discord
  • No violence, NSFW, NSFL, or disturbing content, both in text channels and in Lazarbeam’s DMs.
  • No spam of any kind is allowed, in the Lazarbeam Discord text channels and in his DMs
  • Racism, homophobia, or any kind of bigotry will not be tolerated on the Discord server
  • Do not ping members of the Discord by Lazarbeam if you do not have a reason to.
  • Do not impersonate content creators, organizations, or staff members. This will immediately get you banned
  • Do not ask for moderators of the Lazarbeam Discord to give you roles you are not entitled to.
  • Don’t advertise anything either on the Lazarbeam Discord server or in Lazarbeam’s DMs, no matter if it’s paid or free.
  • Do not try to get around a mute or a ban. Making an alt account will get you banned.
  • Usernames and/or nicknames on the server by Lazarbeam must be pingable and compliant with our rules as well as Discord ToS and Guidelines.
  • No discussions of laws, rules, politics, or regulations in any of the text channels within Discord.
  • Absolutely no DDoS or Doxxing will be tolerated.
  • Raiding of any kind in the Lazarbeam Discord server is not allowed.
  • Please converse in English only as most of the members speak only English.
  • Certain channels are for certain topics, so stick to them and do not misuse any text channel on the Lazarbeam Discord.
  • Staff/moderators in the Lazarbeam Discord retain the right to punish for an action they deem unacceptable, regardless of if it is in the rules.

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If you can follow these simple rules, you should be able to become a part of the amazing community that has been built with Lazarbeam’s help. Now go and verify yourself in the Discord server to get started!